A slice of Humility

The flat is quiet.
Di is performing tonight and Dan has gone with her.
Jim is rehearsing and BB is teaching bass in Shoreditch.
I have just come in from taking Jackson out in the rain for a spot of air.
and now, at 17.21 I am settling in for a quiet night.
My guest today was Christopher Stevens, he has written a book about his autistic son.
A gentler, more humble man I have yet to meet.
Just made me realise quite how lucky my life is.
I remember asking my mother, when I was little, the meaning of the expression ‘There for the Grace of God go I.’
Today I understood.
Have a peaceful night.

2 thoughts on “A slice of Humility”

  1. “There BUT for the grace of God go I!” Or as I prefer: “There but for the grace of God go you or I!” A very poignant and meaningful saying!

  2. I love it when Mrs Jones gets the red pen out.
    What’s a “but” between friends,
    after all you were only little.
    Try seeing the new Australian movie The Black Balloon. It’s about autism. It is excellent.
    Have a relaxing weekend , look forward to some good blogs next week.

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