Come lie with me

Liar Liar
Pants on fire…
And were my cheeks red?
We discussed lying with a pyschologist from Manchester, a Mr. Beattie.
A lie is a deliberate attempt at deception, we discussed body language, that mens lies are self serving and womens lies are to protect and keep the peace, we discussed congenital lying, when a lie is ok and then we discussed the greatest lie of all:
Huge apologies to all the children that were listening, there is/isn’t a Father Christmas, depending on whether you are old/young enough to understand/not understand the concept of societal collusion….

Talking of which, first time callers who reveal their lives on behalf of others makes LBC exactly what it is; a wonderful platform to effect change, open debates and inform the ignorant amongst us.
A first time caller shared his life changing attempts to cure his own crack addiction and pretty much convinced me that criminalising addicts is a hiding to nothing. Whether its drugs, booze or gambling, an addict is no more a criminal than a 40 a day cigarette smoking puffer, who if we were to criminalise nicotine would probably beg, borrow or steal to get his/her fix.
Gordon Brown is not in Madame Tussauds but Howard Brown is.
Who he?
Well he’s the geezer who sings on the Halifax adverts.
Dear old Gord may not win the next election so they are hanging about until they know who the new leader will be. Until they make their minds up poor old Tony Blair is still representing our country in all his waxy glory.
Now that’s saying something when our First Minister can’t get a dummy of himself in baker street but a bank cashier can.
I rest my case
bring back Capital Letters.
Thank you for today it really got me thinking.

1 thought on “Come lie with me”

  1. Hi Jeni, thank you to you & Fee for your kind words yesterday & a big hug to Marmite Girl – hope you feel better very soon.
    Today’s show sounds fascinating & I’m sorry I missed it. There’s always something discussed on your show that makes me think for at least the rest of the day.
    I must admit that the thought of Madame Tussaud’s leaves me cold. It’s definitely not on my list of places to visit when I’m in London!
    I’ve got an appointment with my oncologist in the morning but hopefully I’ll be back in time for tomorrow’s show.
    Hope your ear is ok Jeni. All the best.

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