Life and Death

Yesterday I went to a funeral in Hendon. North London.
I climbed aboard the tube in Clapham South, went through East London and ended up in Mill Hill East.
The whole of London passed through my carriage, terrific.
I arrived two hours too soon, the wind was cold but the sun heated my bones. I caught the 240 bus, dismounted at the big red gates of the cemetery and wandered thorough the grounds.
It was too cold to hang around so I walked back up the hill and sat down in a cafe sandwiched between a real butchers, with a new phlock of pheasants in the window, and a kosher deli.
I didn’t think it was appropriate turning up at the chapel with a carrier bag full of dead birds and latkes, so I didn’t buy anything. But I did have a big full English breakfast which warmed the cockles.
The cemetery was shot with sunlight, Chinese, Indian, Italians, Jews, all laId to rest under elaborate marble head stones. There was even a family called CAME, I couldn’t help but think they CAME they SAW they etc.

It only takes one funeral for me to grab at my life again.
So today we had fun on the show even though we covered big topics.
ID cards, Breast feeding in Public, the school that blanked the faces of their children out with big bizarre smily faces to keep them safe from peadophiles.
Lynne Parker was in talking about ‘Funny Women’ for International Womens Day on Saturday and I foolishly committed myself, on air, to doing five minutes of stand up.
Thank you all for your contributions and cu2morrer.

5 thoughts on “Life and Death”

  1. Hi Jeni,
    Whenever I see your spelling
    “mistakes”,I smile and wince at the same time because I expect Mrs Jones to pounce.
    In Sydney there’s an inner-city suburb which was settled predominantly by Italians. One of the first things they would do after they moved in would be to pave over any grassed area . So it became a standard joke “they came ,they saw, they concreted”.
    I think your agent should get you a talk show hosting job. You would be fab at that. When will someone realise YOU HAVE TO BE ON TV!! Has anyone seen a sort of Jeni lookalike on that show. Is she the new host or something, maybe they got rid of the other guy.

  2. I don’t often post Jen, but am an avid reader of your blogs.
    No, you are NOT mad, just a consummate professional (which, so I would presume is marmite girl(can’t stand the stuff myself)).
    However, the world, and in particular this country IS. And you can quote me on that.
    Keep goin mate.

  3. How are you all? Hope you’re fit and well.
    This weeks been a bit of a chore, but thats okay when it’s for yer family. I’m just a bit zonked from the running around and doing the nursey stuff. I’m not all that good at nursing!
    Kirsten, remember we’re all with you and anything you need we will do it. Last year i was exactly where you are now, so don’t be afraid to ask. I know the thought of chemo is mind fracturing, but honestly, you’ll survive, really, you will. I would tell you what ripped through my mind if i thought it would help, but it’d be private and I don’t get here often enough to assure that.
    Love to you all,

  4. Well, if anyone should be there celebrating womanhood its you dear lady. You’ll be great! Relax!….Although its Sunday as I write so you were great ~:)
    Chrissie x x

  5. Hope everyone had a good weekend.
    Jeni, I cheered when you agreed to the five minutes of stand-up! You’ll be wonderful & no, you’re not mad! You’ll have to tell us where & when, I’d love to be there to cheer you on. Just don’t forget to breathe!
    More great topics on Thursday & Friday’s shows. I won’t comment on everything, (I’d be typing for hours!), I’ll just say that everyone should read! 🙂 I have two books on the go at the moment – Peter Ackroyd’s bio of Charles Dickens & ‘Will’ by Christopher Rush. Unfortunately, I’ve been reading them since Christmas; it’s unheard of for me to take so long! The chemotherapy has really affected my concentration; I manage to read only a few pages but the next day I’ve forgotten what I’ve read so have to read the same pages again. Very irritating! However, I shall persevere as both books are fascinating.
    Hello Rhianon, thank you so much for your kind words. This is such a weird experience for me – as it is for everyone who goes through it. BUT, as you say, I will survive, (cue Gloria Gaynor?!). I keep telling myself that all treatment will be finished by July & I’ll have the rest of the summer to enjoy – no matter what the weather!
    My next chemo session is next Monday & I’ll be spending the Easter weekend in London with a friend. Hopefully I won’t be feeling too ill, but I don’t care. We’re going to have a great time.
    Yesterday was my birthday & tomorrow is a friend’s, so we are going for lunch today. I’m looking forward to it & it’s quite possible we will partake of a glass of wine (or two).

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