Post Boat Spin

Spurs win 5-1 and I’ve taken to my bed.
I awoke this morning with post-boat spin, nausea. I felt like I was going to die.
Jim Davies is ‘me’ for a day, I hope I’m up for it tomorrow.
Jackson is fine, although I don’t see enough of him.
Gae, my wonder-woman, is doing it all, cleanin’, walkin’, dustin’ and feedin’ whilst I’m here in London being sick and broadcasting.
The last time I felt his rough I was on the ocean waves tryiing to film a mackeral….scuse me but I think ‘m going to thro……………………….

7 thoughts on “Post Boat Spin”

  1. Ok, so I am breaking my new rule to be a very rare blogger…but I have to say “get well soon” and don’t underestimate the damage done by STRESS. Deal with the things you can manage at the moment and put those other things on the back burner. You are doing just fine!
    Chrissie x x x

  2. Have you got the galloping byackies? Horrible isn’t it? I’ve had it since Wednesday last week. Thought I was going to die. The lack of sleep and disgusting cough, alarming streaks to the loo in the middle of the night, oh yeah, hells delight, eh? It tapered off to a chest infection. Still, a few doses of lemon with manuka honey seem to have helped. Not to mention a batch of anti-biotic thingys. I’m back to work tomorrow, so I can tell you it will get better. Even if you can’t believe it just now.
    Soccer gets to you, doesn’t it? My cousin is a wild Liverpool fan. It started because she’s a Beatles fan and as they came from Liverpool, well, there you go. Strangely, It’s happened to me too. For the exact same reason. Liverpool. Nice town, too.

  3. I don’t listen to the show because I am always working – but your blog says it all! I am teacher (as you know) and have always cooked with my children – they love it – I have just spent this morning making cakes – the all in one method (curtesy of Delia – who else???!!!) and decorating them with smarties, buttons etc! The children have had a fantastic time, so have I, but I am exhausted so am “chilling” with a large glass of chablis! Was it worth it – of course – that skill will stay with those 11 year olds -both boys and girls for years! Ed Balls – get real – some of us have been doing it for years! And yes, I have always made it relevant to Key Stage 2 – eg Maths, Science, English, Humanities etc. etc.

  4. Dear Jeni, At last a report about Jackson, and you too of course! I looked after my 11 month old granddaughter who’s just recovering from the lurgy today, and the nappies were wonderful!!! (and the vest, tee shirt, jeans my couch, the dog!! and everything in a 2 mile radius!!) poor soul. It is truly awful, so get well soon my friend. Lots a luv xx

  5. Hi Jeni
    Just catching up – first glad Jackson is good – Ruby sends him a kiss!
    Sorry your not feeling well, stick a couple of teaspoons of tumeric in a glass of water and swallow! Get well soon ….wasn’t the two bowls of chips and three glasses of red by any chanc was it??????
    Lots of love
    Marmite xx

  6. I wrote UK TV live finnish and they said that something was planed with you liars.I miss you what are yoi up to nowdays.
    Malcolm. xxxx

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