To Dare Is To Do

Each day presents a new problem.
Working at the PC, the boss walks through, and I get like a kid in the 5th form, waiting to be tapped on the shoulder to be told I’m naughty and I’ve done it wrong!
I keep forgetting I’m 750 years old and I’m not an idiot, but let me tell you everyday presents a new learning curve.
Still in my infancy.
Today we talked about abortions, many of you phoned in even though it was such a sensitive topic. Thank you.
Then we talked about Ed Balls and cookery in schools.
As usual, you listeners kept the topic afloat.
It was very good.

I arrived home, ate some left over vegetables then took my old editor out for a drink.
We went to the Woodman pub, just off Battersea Square.
The conversation roamed hither and thither; three glasses of red wine and 2 bowls of chips later my companion left and I slipped on my coat to leave
The big screen had been lowered for the Spurs-Arsenal game. I had nothing to go back to the flat for. I had left my telephone on my desk and my roomies were there to let me in so I settled back in a wooden chair to watch the North London Derby.
3 ‘Gooners’ in front of me, four ‘Yids’ behind and I was ready for battle.
JO, a hocky playing, Man U. season-ticket-holding investment banker sat behind me and taught me how to watch the game, explained who did what and reminded me that even though she wanted Tottenham to win, when Man U play us on Saturday she wants us to be buried alive.
I whooped when we scored, bit my lip when the Gooners leered and cheered as one goal after another slipped into the net.
The score 5-1 to us.
Look I am a Tottenham Hotspurs supporter by dint of birth and male relatives, tonight though, I think I was finally christened into the beautiful game.
Being partisan is part of the fun, wanting your team to win. Watching those lads sprinting up and down a BIG playing field, kicking a ball about and displaying their skill was a fantastic way to spend a Tuesday night.
I jogged back to the flat. My first run for weeks. Immediately called Jim whose first words were;
‘Well done.’
I hadn’t done anything but my ‘boys’ had…
I called Bee, who will have to keep dead quiet as her beau is an Arsenal man, then I called my nephew Dan who is getting me tickets for Wembly for the Everton or Chelsea game.
Don’t worry I am not turning into a mindless idiot, but for one night only I am a member of Ramos’s army and I love it.
I have no intention of talking tactics or fixtures but I will go to sleep tonight with a big grin on my face as I re-live that 5th goal.

5 thoughts on “To Dare Is To Do”

  1. Ah ha Jeni – you’re hooked now, your life will never be the same. I too am a football fanatic, and go every two weeks to get my fill of the beautiful game. There’s nothing like it, the excitement, the camaraderie, the freezing cold and the disappointment or elation afterwards. I’m hoping for a Spurs v Everton final, keep the top 4 out I say.
    Well done indeed, love Fee xx

  2. Hi Jeni,
    Isn’t it amazing how little it takes to change ones mood?
    If you hadn’t stayed to watch that game.. My late brother was a one-eyed Spurs supporter and your description
    took me right back to my childhood.
    So today you’ve really helped
    to lift my spirits ( just as you did on GFL)

  3. Hallo Jeni
    Just wanted to say I was taught cookery at school and don’t remember anything I was taught! My grandmother was dead by the time I was born and my mother certainly never made cakes or pies just old fashion meat and two veg so no childhood memories of cooking with them.
    However I’m a decent cook, How? I taught myself because I can read so lets make sure EVERY child leaving primary school can READ before we even think of teaching children to cook at school.
    Oh and for dinner tonight chicken soup with veg and matzo dumplings followed by apple crumble, all homemade of course.
    Loving the show.
    Love June

  4. Hello Jeni
    Do you know, I had no idea you were such a footie fan. You certainly make it sound exciting…
    I packed David off to South Africa on Monday, to start working for the national TV broadcaster on the preparations for the World Cup in 2010. A bit ironic really, as he’ll end up with corporate tickets for the matches, and neither of us actually watch football!
    Anyway, it’s all a bit sad and rather lonely without him (first time apart for any length of time for nearly 17 years), so as soon as the house sale is sorted I’ll be out to join him.
    Take care, and please keep your blog coming – sharing you and your work and your interests and your family and your friends is filling a hole in my life just at the moment…
    Take care
    Martin (in Brighton)
    and David (in JHB)
    P.S. How’s Jackson?

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