Thank you for your well wishes.
I am back tomorrow.
I’ve rested up today because I had to go to the launch of THE LANE, Collin Browns new restaurant in Osbourne Street.
It was a real swanky affair.
My head hurt and my neck caned but Collin would have been gutted if I had stayed away.
The food was fine dining Carribean, pepper soup, lobster, creamy chicken and a fancy sponge for pud, the rest of the crowd was the creme de la creme from the black community. Jim and I felt deeply priviliged to be asked.
I am going into LBC tomorrow whatever my symptoms, feels like I’ve been away for months.
And no dear marmite, it was not the chips and tomato juice that felled me but a nasty little streptococcusbugtypethingy that is still lingering. The beast.

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