dy1wk 2

I had the same sort of heebie jeebies that I had last week, only this week I got in an hour later.
According to received wisdom, getting in too soon can make for a stale performance.
It’s like over rehearsing a song, or bashing away at a speech.
Taking too many bits of paper into the studio and writing a script doesnt work either, it’s about being as natural as you can be..
So I took advice and pootled around the flat until 11.00.
Made calls to two washing machine outlets, one for the flat and one for the cottage. When the new bits arrive I will be clean in London and Sussex, a relief for me and the old man let me tell you!.

Steve had made a running order, I perused it, the breath catching in my throat.
Anything to do with Banks or Government Policy and I get dry mouthed.
I know the more I do it the less nervous I’ll be.
It’s all about focus. My producer is very experienced and keeps me dead on track.
Today he said no more ‘A’s and ‘B’s.
‘What exactly are they’? I said mouthing through the window.
Adverts and Breaks.
It aint radio grammar to call them ads or breaks, a continuum is what’s being aimed at so ‘See you in a minute.’ is better than banging the listener on the nose with too much info. It was another lesson learned.
Today we covered Gordon Brown’s controversial suggestion that, unless we opt out, our organs will automatically be used for transplants.
The PM is following a very successful Spanish model.
Shamefully I don’t even have a donor card.
We had all sorts of opinions from the suggestion that Mr.Brown wants to Nationalise our bodies to healthy people, who had received transplants, encouraging us to be positive about donating our organs.
Then we talked about the forthcoming court case concerning Banks and overdraft charges. Banks say they are providing a service most of you felt we were being ripped off!
Street crime, make-up and fashion disasters took us up to four o’clock.
At the three o’clock break I nipped to the loo, now you know what’s happening when you’re putting the kettle on.
I drove home without putting my car lights on so the evenings are definitely lighter, although to be fair by the time I reached the flat I couldn’t see bugger all.
I’m making supper for me and my two delightful young guests, and watching Corrie. I hope it’s on tonight, last night it was all ice and Linda Lusardi, which leaves me understandably cold.
Thank you so much for calling, texting and e-mailing, it makes a respectable lady jolly happy.
Oooh! I forgot, I’m going to learn how to be a stand-up. Now that is funny….

2 thoughts on “dy1wk 2”

  1. Hallo Jeni
    Caught some of Monday’s broadcast, the bit about make up.
    About a year ago I watched a TV programme about troops liberating concentration camps after WW2 and one of the female survivors said that one of the officers managed to get lipsticks sent to the camp for the women, and that act of kindness made them feel like human beings again. It made me cry. So now every time I apply lipstick I’m reminded of that.
    I really do think you have found your niche Jeni, well done you.
    Love June

  2. Dear Jeni
    So glad you are doing so well and also enjoying yourself on the radio, thats half the battle won! I cant stress how important it is to carry a donor card, my sister had a double lung transplant just over 6 years ago and they had only given her 3 months to live, so it gives people a new life, is so important. Thats my little lecture over, glad youre doing so well. Take care xx

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