Fourth day

I had a different kind of nerves to day.
I was convinced it would all go belly up.
But it was just a morbid fantasy.
We talked sex on the internet, Hilary Clinton’s crying, dinner parties and neighbours from hell.
I’ve had two Marmite rice crackers, one avocado, a cup of Rooibosh tea and made three phonecalls.
My feet are incased in little white woolen mittens, courtesy of my middle step-daughter, and I’ve got my dressing gown on.
I’ve turned up the heat and tonight I may take B and her beau out for nosh, failing that I’ll curl up with a book that I’m chatting about tomorrow.
That’s it, nothing fancy, I’m a radio broadcaster don’t you know and I’m friggin’ shattered.

7 thoughts on “Fourth day”

  1. Lovely show today Jen, I think a good cry does you the power of good but I do have a compulsion to throw my arms around people who are crying even if I don’t know them, it’s the compassionate Welsh bit of me. Know what you mean about animals though, I’m almost 39 and I still can’t watch Lassie!
    Much Love
    Marmite xx

  2. It’s Thursday & I still haven’t heard you on the radio. I do have an excuse though; I’ve been at the hospital every day & today was my first chemo session – only 5 more to go! But tomorrow I shall be home all day & I’m looking forward to tuning in. You’ve certainly got an eclectic list of topics!
    Try as I might I cannot abide Marmite, (not you Marmite Girl 🙂 ), or avocadoes, but I’ve recently started drinking Rooibosh tea & it’s delicious! And it’s something else that’s supposed to be good for me.
    For various reasons I find it very difficult to cry & I do avoid it as much as possible – I definitely wouldn’t watch Lassie, or anything similar!
    Until tomorrow, hugs.

  3. You’re tired – I was at work at 7.30am and left at 5.30pm – teaching etc all day! Then went to buy some food, came home, cooked dinner, discovered husband stuck in Cologne and due back into Gatiwick at about 9.30pm but had left the car at City Airport at 8am,took 3 phone calls from colleagues with problems who wanted to talk and then did an hour’s work on the computer – time now 21.19 and am tired! So 3 hours on live radio – sounds good to me – but no doubt you think otherwise!

  4. Hallo Jeni
    Great week great job, well done you.
    A wide variety of topics and all very lively, throughly enjoyed it all.
    Love June

  5. Hi Jeni
    Heard most of your shows this week, thought you did a great job, it must be really difficult to keep the conversation going for three hours. Bit too serious for me though, if only you could touch on a funny story so we could hear some of your comedic talent. Love to hear you laugh, especially when you were talking to James O’Brien.
    Lots of love

  6. I’m glad all is going well now, despite your initial misgivings. You’re good, you know. I never get chance to hear your show, or any others, as I’m working during those hours and cannot leave my ladies and gents.
    Never forget, Jen, you are good at what you do.

  7. Hi Jeni,
    So good to know you’re in reasonable employment.
    With your skills you should never have been in the awful situation you found yourself.
    Wishing you all the best , you certainly sound much happier.
    Be careful drinking too much of that tea. A very reliable
    source i.e. someone who drank
    no other warm drink for a few months, said it was a depressant and a few other people they knew of had the same thing happen to them.

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