Soggy Tuesday

‘Caught some of Monday’s broadcast, the bit about make up.
About a year ago I watched a TV programme about troops liberating concentration camps after WW2 and one of the female survivors said that one of the officers managed to get lipsticks sent to the camp for the women, and that act of kindness made them feel like human beings again. It made me cry. So now every time I apply lipstick I’m reminded of that.
Love June.’
June’s blog made me realise that everything has a meaning, and that nothing is out of bounds.
I started feeling just a little complacent today, by that I mean I was relaxed.
I have to keep myself in check otherwise smugness creeps in, then you can kiss goodbye to a listenable programme.

The lead story today was about Princess Diana’s mother calling her a nasty name and Diana’s choice of men.
Loads of you e-mailed and texted but few called in. I think the subject of mothers and daughters was just a little too personal. The debate kept bouncing along for an hour, your stories could be described with two words. ‘UNCONDITIONAL LOVE’. Some of us may not like our kids, or mothers, but most of us do love ’em. A few men contacted me as well. Very touching
Then I interviewed Wendy Lewis who has just published a book about plastic surgery. I thought I was going to have a ruck but she was lovely, if a little too tidied up for my liking.
Most of you wanted to share your best hotel stories.
From Dubai to Glasgow, from London’s ‘Ritz’ to the New York’s ‘Chelsea’. It made me want to leap on a plane and have a butler undo my straps – on the suitcase silly.
The trip back to the flat was a nightmare, my windscreen wipers squeaked, the quarterlight is still gaffered, London Drivers drive like me….nuff said.
By the time I got back to the flat I was all itchky bichky.
But I had a huge green, crunchy salad, in front of the computer and three rice cakes smothered in nut butter. The last one fell face down on the floor, it was sod’s law telling me enough already.
The days are running into each other. This evening it was dark when I left LBC. So much for the return of lighter evenings. I hope you had a good Tuesday, tell me about it.
yours, as ever

2 thoughts on “Soggy Tuesday”

  1. Hi Jenny
    I read your blog most days, but have never posted a comment before.
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy listening to your new show, there is such a warmth and comfort to your voice, and I love the way that you tell it like it is (well I think you do !).
    You are doing a great job on LBC, keep it up
    Best hotel I have ever stayed in -Crescent Court Hotel Dallas, first class, great hospitality and wonderful food
    all the best

  2. Well Jeni, I have to announce that I am ashamed to admit, I have never before seen you on TV, or listened to you,as far as I am aware that is. I am making up for this by listening to your show as often as possible since you started at the New Year.
    Without sounding pathetically flattering, it is well worth it,both for you warm and honest attitude to callers and the fact that you remind me of a friend of mine(who also lives in East Sussex).I was particularly interested in your cannabis discussion, although that took place last week and in news terms it is old news by now. Some years ago I had occasion to research this subject for a website article. If rewritten now it would need quite a bit of revision because of the further research that has taken place.(Did it really take over 30 years to come across further evidence which states cannabis to be detrimental to users?).It seems that some users are prone, either physically, psychologically, or both, to cannabis having negative effects which frighteningly includes serious psychosis. This depends on regularity of use but also it appears that the impurities are the main cause, In short ‘weed’ is ok but not the concentrated forms and then in moderation.
    I concluded(via a quote) that it was unfair to deprive sufferers of certain conditions(seizures, pain from cancer,childbirth pain (to name but three of many)of its benefits when others use it for recreational purposes.
    So there is my thee penn’orth for what it is worth.
    By the way my favourite hotel is(was) the QE2.
    All the best with your show

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