3 times a DJ

I’ve got a bowl of steaming broccoli and hummus.
The inside of my head is calming down.
B and N are dropping for two minutes, she did her holiday university work and lost in on the computer – yuk I hate the tinternet.
Di, my little roomie, is working in her room, Dan is in Soho, and I’m about to take off my clothes and chill for the rest of the evening.
Day three was pretty much as I expected, all there, not so intense, but still riddled with pot holes.
But I’ve found a routine for my fob, a routine for my hands-free and a routine for my belly.

When I looked at the office clock it was still 12.11. Interesting that because I was calmer time was on my side.
My dear friends son has just been sectioned for drug pyschosis. So that was our first topic.
I thought I knew what I believed then the callers called and I had to rearrange my position.
I now am convinced that cannabis should not be re-classified into a Class B drug. Shoving it underground is bad news, that the Government has lost its way with its drugs policy.
By criminalising it anybody found with some weed can get a 5 year custodial sentence and as its mostly young university grads doing it, then it’s not on.
Somebody emailed in saying all her friends, policemen, lawyers and pillars of the community did dope, where would that leave them?
But the calls came thick and fast, the debate hotted up and by the end of nearly 2 hours I was clear that education was the answer, that anybody with a shread of sensitivity shouldn’t touch the stuff, whether its ganga, weed or laced with THC or fibreglass.
If the taking of drugs is that necessary then there is too much anesthetising going on. We all need to wake up to that.
The good old chicken held its own. Less battery more free range. I even read out a piece describing the use of flavour enhancers in the 70’s to beef up dead chicken.
More and more of us are going organic. Good.
And then I ranted,big time, about Art versus Sport. Small theatres are being squeezed, in London, because its being suggested that monies are going to the Olympics, the callers were as opinionated as me.
Paul Ross came in – I think he’s brilliant – and I fell off air because I didn’t know that I had to quit at 3.59.15.
See that’s how tight it is.
In any case I enjoyed it better today roll on tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “3 times a DJ”

  1. Ah, dear Jeni. You are doing great. Please don’t worry – there is a lot to think about doing a new show. You will mould into to it, or it into to you !!! Just to reassure you we are here, hanging on to your every word and loving it.

  2. well i’ll get my 1st hearing of the new show 2moz, can’t wait. there was me thinking i’d have my thursdays and fridays all taken care of lounging listening to the radio and then i go and agree to go back to working full time for the next 5 months! I must be mad!!!!! I’ve got quite comfortable with my 3 day week and now i go and spoil it all because i get on really well with my manager. so it seems like these last 2 shows of the week will be my only chance to listen for a while 🙁

  3. I’m [finally] making to move from Cornwall to London later this month. Listening to your show as I work makes me feel closer to the capital.
    I’m enjoying the show. It’s great to have a Jeni fix again each day, even though we can’t see you.
    They do say the best pictures are on the radio!
    Oh, and don’t worry about any teething troubles; I actually find it quite funny, especially when you fall off ai

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