Christmas is coming

Ok. Ok.
I have been up and down to London.
In and out of pain.
Under the thumb.
Round the houses.
Past my best.
And over the moon.

I have bought myself a new Flash power mop.
I can’t use it until I have swept the kitchen properly, and anyway I don’t want to dirty the sponge.
It is purple and comes with instructions.
It has 4 batteries included, 3 clip on bits to the handle and two velcro thingies to scrub the floor.
Am I delighted?
Of course.
Because, at the moment, the idea of a new mop is as exciting as getting a new contract.
Because being back in the cottage is a delight and now that my fridge is working and the hob has stopped clicking, and all the plates have been dishwashed and the red carpet looks great on the floor of the dresser, I feel my life has taken on some order and anyway I’ve got nothing else in my life – at the moment – but just you wait until January…..
As for you darling bloggers.
I have a pain in the ankle and you lot, literally, reduce the inflammation.
Thank you.
But now I am going to bed with my husband, who is up at 6.30, so that he can drive to a theatre where he will dress up, trip over his frock, entertain the audience and come home to a Christmas tree which is being erected by B and her new beau.
They will arrive at 12.00 cover the house in confusion, canoodle in front of the fire, collect a take away, sleep in the attic, then leave very early on Sunday morning for an assignation in Dagenham.
I have bought a handful of Christmas presents and another tube of pain relief gel.
I plumped up a cushion and have had my leg over for most of this evening.
Nuff said.

5 thoughts on “Christmas is coming”

  1. Hi
    This year I bought a ‘Turtle Bag’ (String Bag). They were brought into being by people who are trying to save marine life. Plastic bags get into the oceans and turtles think they are food and eat them!
    Anyway basically it’s the old fashioned string bag that seems to get bigger and bigger the more you put in it until you really can’t carry it, but it’s soft and sits in your handbag until you need it next. They come in lovely colours, short handles and long. I bought my friend one too and when I asked her if she used it she said she’d have to get it out of the drawer!!!!!!!We can but try.
    I bought a roll of wrapping paper the other day and the guy in the shop put it in a very big plastic bag. I told him I didn’t want the bag, he said but I’ve already put it in. I said but I don’t want it, it’s already in cellophane and that will do thanks. Huff puff and he took it out.
    I’m getting a lot better with remembering my re-useable bags in the super-market but I don’t think the checkout girls like them somehow. It’s hard work but we’ve got to keep plugging away.
    As I write this I’ve got one eye on a neighbour’s cat whose looking for next doors dogs who when they come out will be chasing the squirrel that’s got it’s eye on the bird food that I’ve just put out. There are 2 humungous Carrion Crows looking a bit indignant because they can’t get to the bird food and all the bread has gone, my other next doors cats is just waiting to pounce on any un-supecting birds, it caught one yesterday but then it got away! Hurrah!!!!
    Merry Christmas to all the nutty bloggers and especially the nutty one at the top!!!!
    Hope you are back fighting fit in the New Year as I fear something is afoot …………Sorry!
    Merry Christmas.

  2. Hi Jeni
    Hope your ankle is on the mend.
    I had a my 3 yearly mammogram yesterday and can still feel the horrible machine. Those of you who have had a breast screen will know what I mean. Never mind, it is worth the pain, although I will have to wait until the new year for the results.
    Since my niece was 3 years old we have always had an artificial Christmas tree. She is now in her forties. When she was little she saw the farmer cutting down the Christmas trees to sell in the local market and started to cry. She said that he was killing the trees and could hear them crying and the birds and animals would lose their homes. It upset her so much we could not bring ourselves to buy a real tree, so opted for an artificial one. After many years the tree was sent to the recycling centre and replaced by a new version which has since been recycled and many after that. The one I have now is a bit of a cheat on my part as it is a fiberoptic tree. I do not have to put lights on it, only bulbuls and tinsel.
    I suppose this is a way of being green and helping the environment and my niece, will still not have a real tree herself.
    Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year to you Jeni and all your family.
    May I take this opportunity to wish all the Jeni Bloggers a Happy Christmas and New Year as well. Eat, drink and be merry, as they say. Well it is Christmas.
    Love to all,
    Chris 🙂

  3. Hi Jeni,
    Your friends worry you know! Try a bit of heat on your foot. Glad the rest of you is working well!!!
    Put our tree up a couple of days ago. Its only plastic but obviously good quality as it sheds its needles just like a real one. Marvellous huh?
    Christmas was my dads favourite time of year so I think of him lots just now. He was a funny, fair and moderate man who would always try to strike a happy medium (not literaly) which was alarming as my mum was a happy medium….well, a spiritualist medium and sometimes happy. Thought I might become one as well but the money was better as a management consultant!
    Thanks to Marmite for that great poem. What a smashing lady.
    Love as ever
    Chrissie x x

  4. I do so miss you not being on the telly. the programme that replaced G F L.Is sooooooo boring it is like watching paint dry. Please, please someone out there get Jeni back. fron J.R.

  5. Hi Jeni 🙂
    Decorations and tree are up, food and drink are bought and the cards and presents are duly wrapped and written and with only a few days left at work (thank god for crimbo shut downs!) you could say i am pretty much prepared for the festive season.
    But things at crimbo will never be the same in this household jen without you, your ‘boys’ and the GFL crimbo specials! the other ‘shows’ aren’t the same quality!!!!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery of the ankle, a speedy return to our screens and a wonderous christmas and new year to you and all in blogging land 🙂
    Cathy xxx (a first time blogger!)

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