Minus 3

Minus 3.
Christmas Tree.
In the pond till Saturdee.
Today I had the fridge man in to mend the fridge.
It was the thermostat. I made a cheque but tore it up, just like Chris Tarrant, when I realised that he could fix my hob as well.
The fridge man fixed my hob, I made him another cheque.
He then gave me the number of a window cleaner.
The window cleaner is coming next week; when he cleans the windows in the pub he’ll nip up and give me a buff.
Last njght we had a big, jolly fire. This evening I made a silly attempt with cardboard and four bits of kindling, I felt like Tiny Tim, although I look more like Mrs. Cruchett.
Jim’s asleep in Essex.
B’s asleep in Camberwell.
I’m asleep in Sussex.
May you all sleep well in your beds.
I think you bloggers are wonderful the way you all support each other.
It’s all the fault of those bloody boys in Brighton – see how much we care.
This is a perfunctory blog because my feet are cold. Why?
Minus 3
Christmas Tree
In the pond till Saturdee.
(I’m keeping it green. I bought a tree with roots on).
What have you done for your planet today?
nuit nuit

9 thoughts on “Minus 3”

  1. To Martin & David
    Going to Sa …………as unnerving as it is.
    it is the best thing that you are doing for the both of you……
    the both of you
    ps dont give Jeni your address when you move she’ll turn up

  2. Hi Jeni
    firstly to Martin and David, trust they have a country to come to in 2008. We have big ANC presidential elections taking place in a place called Polekwane, this weekend and these will determine the person who will take over the Country in 2009. The population holds it’s collective breath.
    As far as Chrismas goes, I do hope you have a happy and injury free one, with a healthy and prosperous New Year. Please spare a thought for us having to devour a turkey and trimmings in tempretures of thirty degrees plus, it’s no joke!!!

  3. My husband said I’d cooked Christmas lunch for the whole family for the last 25 years and it was time I had a rest so he’s taking me to a hotel for three days over Christmas. Yippee! Why then have I just struggled back from town with turkey and all the trimmings together with last minute Christmas presents in order to cook a Christmas meal on Saturday for those we won’t see on Christmas Day!
    Yuletide felicitations to you all.

  4. Hi Jeni,
    Would just like to wish you, your family and your readers a very happy Christmas. Love reading your blog, it brightens my day.
    Warmest wishes,
    Isabel x

  5. Kirsten, last year I was told I had ovarian cancer and had little chance of survival. It was a vile 5 weeks waiting for treatment, but let me tell you what I did. I listened to all my friends who told me I’d be fine, I listened to my family who told me all would be well and I thanked God for my life so far and told Him I wouldn’t mind too much if it went on a bit longer! The operation went ahead and here I am 1 1/2 years later fit as a fiddle. A fat fiddle, yeah, but I’m here. Don’t be afraid. Easy to say I know, but hard to do. I let my friends, my family and God carry me through. I was helpless in the face of the illness, but the wonder of their love got me through every bit of it. The docs were fab and the nurses were astounding. I had a Macmillan nurse called Christine. She was amazing. Like I say, don’t be afraid. The treatment is all ready to go by the sound of it and we’re all fully on your side.

  6. Hallo Jeni
    2007’s New Year’s resolution was to buy 6 bags for life and to save the planet. If I used these bags 6 times this year I would be exagerating, I kept forgeting them and leaving them in the car! Then one of the checkout girls gave me this tip, roll up a couple of bags tightly, secure with an elastic band and keep in handbag. It works!
    I like Sally’s idea too, so I think I will make a couple of cotton bags for the New Year and keep them in my bag instead of the plastic ones.
    Hope the ankle is on the mend.
    Love June

  7. Xmas trees -now there’s a tale! My tree man was due to deliver yesterday and leave it round the back! I was out last night “round the back” looking for tree – not there! Tree man then said he would deliver it late last night – husband up late working (another story!) me out at 6.30am today (13.12.07) looking for tree – not there – also my friend doing the same for her tree from same man! Tree man went snow boarding today – what about my tree? Tree man’s sister phoned – she will bring tree tonight while I am Xmas shopping in Bluewater after a long hard day singing carols with children! It is now 10.49pm and where is my tree – I could now get stressed about my tree!
    PS When I am old and in a home I really do not want children to come and visit me and sing Xmas songs, carols etc! I have spent the last week doing such things and I really can’t cope with another chorus (with hand jive) of “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” ( I am known as “The Hand Jive Queen!) Happy Xmas!

  8. Hi Jeni
    Since I wrote about freeing the turkey I saw a horror story in the papers about Turkeys who couldn’t stand up because their legs were so deformed, and other ones that had died and they were just lying around for days after.
    Kirsten – think only positive thoughts, do visualisation, meditate, eat well and keep reading our leader’s blog. Feel the good vibes coming your way ~~~~~~~~~>>>>>>>> shoom……
    Love Fee xxxxx

  9. Hi Jeni,
    Has anyone any thoughts about recycling Rudolph? reindeer meat is readily available on the net!!
    This year we will have no food waste as my kids have bought me a wormery for Christmas, all I have to do now is find 500 suitable names for my new pets!
    Merry Christmas to all

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