Saturday Night musings

It’s 9.15 on Saturday night.
After too much Saturday night television I’ve removed myself from the sitting room.
Tomorrow I’m packing up and going to the flat for a week.
Sundays show is all about having a GREEN CHRISTMAS. Lucy Seigle and Ed Baines are on, do join me.
‘m doing a three hour stint on Monday, 1-4, then going to the LBC party in the evening.
On Tuesday I’m going to a screening then my voice-over agent’s party.
On Wednesday I ‘m finishing my Christmas shopping,
On Thursday I’m being taken out to lunch, then driving back to the cottage, where I’m staying until Sunday, back for the last show before the new year, and then it’s all heads down for Christmas.
Today was the first day my ankle didn’t cane.
So I can now sit down and blog again.
Since all I have been doing is mending I have nothing to report, but tomorrow night I have the flat to myself so bloggers beware.
I’m going now to put my Shepherds Pie in the oven and watch the X Factor final.
It is a pile of old tosh but I can’t deny I like shouting at the screen.
Have a warm and cosy night and

4 thoughts on “Saturday Night musings”

  1. You must be Wonder Woman to shop with a sore ankle. How ever did you manage? Wish I could listen esp with Ed Baines on. Trouble is the time
    difference is even greater now
    that we’ve gone to summer time.
    Chris:-), by the time you have your next breast screen you won’t need to have your boob squashed in that mangle,
    apparently they will test a lock of hair. Too bad if you
    use chemicals for colour or
    perming,suppose they’ll just have to find some elsewhere!!
    Hope all you bloggers and esp
    you, Jeni and your family have a wonderful Christmas and the best for the New Year.

  2. Arrh, Shepherds Pie, you’re giving me ideas.
    Will catch your show off the podcast on Monday or Tuesday.
    Happy Christmas Party time, be good, if not be wonderful, I’m sure you will.
    Till next week
    Phuket, Thailand

  3. Hallo Jeni
    Do enjoy London this week, I know you are about to let the flat go and you will miss it dreadfully so just saviour this week.
    The hustle and bustle, the people, the shops, the atmosphere, oh just everything there is that makes London so special to us.
    To you Jeni, and all the other bloggers I wishing you all the joys of the season and every happiness throughout the coming year.
    Love June

  4. Christmas is really beginning to glow! We had our chapel christmas party in our local pub last Wednesday. I’m kind of over it now…….I know we drank all the Irish whiskey they had in stock, and most of the scotch. There was a huge ammount of wine flowing too.
    This year instead of giving gifts to each other we’ve sent money to charities like send-a-cow and oxfam. There are sheep in ethiopia and cows and goats in Sudan, there are wells in Uganda and I think there are chickens in Rwanda. Whats the point if we can’t help each other, eh? Not a green Christmas really, just one where we do what Jesus said, ‘Love one another as I have loved you’. Not so hard, really.

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