Pack up your troubles

Well, it comes to a pretty pass when your husband marks your spelling in front of the Nation. That deffinattelee is not the done thing, Jim!

Dear brighton Beau, forgive my assumptions, and for God’s sake, Crawford, lay off the Valium.

Michael Kelpie, thank you for making me cry. You finally cracked my shell.

It’s interesting that I have been holding myself together, believing that I had dealt with the end of it all, but aint it the way. Somebody says something nice and bang goes your resolve. I blubbed all the way to the bank, literally. I had to pay in Jim’s wages.

If you were concerned about the dustmen, they finally came, but not before they were chased down the road and directed to the cottage.

I leave for San Diego on Thursday, so Hanna, our house-sitter, will have to run after them again to make sure they collect on Friday. It has become quite a sport. Like beating the bounds, it’s beating the bins.

I had a fab meeting with Juliana who is going to edit my scribbles. We sat in the garden, drinking coffee, as the blackbird pulled worms out of the lawn and the sun burnt my shoulders. Ridiculous to get a builders vest mark in April.

But now, at 10.45, I am packed.

Tomorrow I drive up to the flat and have a meeting about a documentary I want to make. Jim has a day off from the Globe, so I imagine we will be able to schedule in a row.

I’ve packed so minimally. The Optimum Health Institute provides the towels, but the the rest of the time they recommend you spend in ‘sweat pants’. That’s them not me, and jacuzzi wear.

I have one wheely suitcase full of books, and a pouch of pens. All different colours.
I will try and blog but I don’t know how the week will pan out. I am not taking my laptop as I’m meant to be resting. If the brochure is anything to go by, I will have to write about it.

But now I am hungry and tired and ready for sleep, so ttfn and cu2morrer.

9 thoughts on “Pack up your troubles”

  1. No problem sweetheart and hope you have a great time in San Deago. Maria Elia’s restaurant, by the way, is the Delfina studio cafe and restaurant, at 50 Bermondsey Street, London (not far from London Bridge station). There’s a website for it:
    Take care
    Martin and David in Brighton

  2. Have a lovely rest and come back soon with lots of ideas for programmes. My daughter and I do not know what to do at lunchtimes anymore, i suppose talking to the husband is one idea!A bit drastic.

  3. Dear Jeni, missing my daily dose of you and GFL. Out of deperation my husband also emailed UKTV (I am driving him mad).
    Have a great time in San Diego.

  4. Hope you have a lovely relaxing time on your trip. Since GFL finished I’ve been flicking through the TV channels at 6pm to find something to watch while I eat my dinner. Sadly the best thing I’ve come up with so far are (very) old episodes of On The Busses & Please Sir! You’ve got to come back and save me from those!

  5. oh dear what can the matter be,
    Market Kitchen is such a travesty,
    Wooden presenters and amateur recipies,
    What can the matter be.
    Oh dear what can the matter be,
    UKTVFood lost touch with reality,
    Thought they knew best, ignored viewers…..Travesty!
    What can the matter be.
    Ohe dear what can the matter be,
    Jeni Barnetts missed such a lot you see,
    She’ll have the last laugh be snapped up by mainstream tv,
    What can the matter be!!!
    Hope you like it jeni, its amazing what you can do when you’re supposed to be working!
    Enjoy your time away and come back refreshed.
    Take Care xxxx

  6. Hi QB,
    have a WONDERFUL time in San Diego – if there’s one thing you really do need right now, it’s some distance from EVERYTHING! I hope you have a wonderful time, and that when you have to come home you’ll be coming back refreshed, with new vigour, inspiration and drive.
    Love you buckets

  7. Hi Jen,
    Im so glad your keeping your blog going so we can all keep up with what your up too. Mum and I always got together to watch your show and it was you that made the show. Couldnt imagine anyone else being able fill your shoes and Im not gonna watch Market Kitchen it just looks so boring! Come back soon and make us all laugh again! Have a good and safe trip. Hope you keep happy and keep up the acupunture, you have given me courage to try it for my colitis. Sounds like it could work out for me. Yay Thanks xx caz xx

  8. Hi Jeni,
    Have a brill holiday, you deserve it.
    I have to say, i watched Market kitchen twice just to check that the first time i watched it wasnt just a dud show but even second time round, it was still bad! I just cant stand the way it’s all over the place and i’m sure Tana is a lovely lady but i just can’t watch her on tv!! So, there’s nothing to watch at 10pm anymore…. i miss you, the lovely chefs and GFL an awful lot. I hope that we will see you and those handsome chefs on our tv’s soon.
    Enjoy your hol,
    lots of love

  9. Jeni,
    Ever so slightly tosser-ish using my full name, but if it grabs your attention, I shall be pleased.
    I’ve been an avid fan of your programme for a few years now. Indeed, I only got the hideous satellite dish in my back garden so as to watch your vastly entertaining show. I was genuinely sick to the stomach when I was informed that you had been cast aside for the unproven talents of Tana Ramsay(Seen the programme. I would be insulting amateurs everywhere if I were to say that the contributors have turned ineptness into an artform.)who is a nice enough girl but compares badly to your good self.
    I shall look in and read your very entertaining blog and hope that you enjoy your upcoming trip overseas. And if ever you are in my area, please pop in for a spot of lunch and a glass or nine of vino.

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