Tuesday, the dustbin day

Ah! Marmite girl, marmite girl, you are as rare as seawater pearl.The big apple eh? You are nothing but a gad about girl.

Darling Maria Elia – if you don’t go to her restaurant in Borough Market you don’t deserve the cruets your salt stands up in. She is both delightful and fabulous with her utensils. Just ask her sous chef. I can’t remember the name of her eatery. How disgusting is that? But I have an excuse – I am depressed and extremely old.

And as for The Brighton Marina Belle. The trick is to let the arguments go as soon as you can. Difficult I know when dealing with men. But then they are from Mars and we are from Fenwicks.

I have a meeting today with an editor who is trying to whip my memoir into shape so that a publisher can read the worms! But first the forest for the dog, and then back to shout at the dustbin men.

I know it’s not their fault but we have rubbish in our bin from before Easter. They are very nice on the telphone but soon I will turn into the Incredible Sulk and nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to be near when I sulk. I am very very noisy, fiercely articulate and not a little crude.

So, if the bins are still full at eventide you will definately know about it. I will be starting a campaign to move dem bins. Enuff already.

13 thoughts on “Tuesday, the dustbin day”

  1. Me from Carcassonne again!
    Love reading your diary every day.
    Its been great having a little insight into showbiz. I always find it interesting when I talk to my cuz Chris (he of “just an minute” and the radio 4 tribute to your late beloved friend Betty) and wish that I could move in those circles…instead of just moving in circles!!
    Its 29 degrees here at the moment so I am off to grout the utility room. Hubby fitting new loo (don’t even ask).
    I’ll order 10 copies of your bio. when its out but a young woman like you will have to do volumes 2 and 3 at least!!

  2. Hi Jen
    Er… actually it’s Brighton Beau rather than Brighton Belle as we’re both from Mars!
    Martin and David

  3. Ha ha, at last I found you! My days have not been the same since GFL went off air(I was a tad depressed for a while you know). My lunch break isn’t the same any more, I’ve resorted to trying to understand why anyone in their right mind would want to watch the Marked up Cupboard or whatever it’s called…or in fact that Attic thingy on the Beeb, so I’ve resorted to reruns of Tamsin whilst crying into my soup!
    My bin record is three months for an edition of our local news rag which was stuck to the bottom of our green box and collected a few more bits and bobs before I got very fed up and donned my gardening gloves and hose piped it out! I still can’t fathom out how the stuff got stuck as the box is for paper ONLY!
    Anyway, really good to find your website, it’s only taken me what how long’s it been now…..1 year (it feels like it)….Enjoy San Diego…it’s fab.
    Caz x

  4. A few days on the sick and I have time to ‘Google’ you Jeni! Like everyone else I was and am gutted that GFL was pulled- some idiot without a brain somewhere I guess. I will now keep in touch with what’s happening for you via your diary and hope that very soon you will be back on my screen making me laugh and learn.
    p.s. I’m still waiting for the brown bin men!

  5. Guilty as charged I am a gad about girl, as my director would say “dear girl this isn’t a rehearsal”, so I never say no to an invite whether to dinner or travel, hence the very large waist and permanent jet lag:)
    You should try doing what that one lady did, put all her rubbish that had not been collected in bin bags and dumped them on the steps of the council building….of course I think she got a suspended sentance! … keep smiling Jeni and writing can’t wait for the memoirs
    lots of love Marmite Girl xx

  6. Jeni,
    first of all, and most importantly, congratulations.
    Congratulations for being an immensely gifted and wholly professional presenter. Congratulations on breathing your truly individual flavour of vitality, humour, schtick and integrity into the otherwise lifeless schedule of programmes on UKTV Food.
    And congratulations on driving five years of live and ‘as-live’programmes from strength to strength and for leaving us all wanting more and missing your presence on the magic box in our homes.
    Secondly, thank you.
    Thank you for being a star – there aren’t many like you. Thank you for not being afraid to enjoy your work and share that enjoyment with the viewers.
    And thank you for having been so nice to me each time we met at Prospect – I’m one of the lucky ones!
    Finally, don’t think that this is the end.
    I know in recent weeks/months, you’ve been surrounded by many friends, professional and personal who have all being saying the same thing. We can’t all be wrong, love. Forget about the misguided few who have decided in their [lack of] wisdom that GFL’s time had come to an end. They’ve just closed one little door. Just wait for the next one to open.
    I love you dearly (but you know that already) and I am a huge fan (you might have guessed that too). You are not alone and I know that I am not alone in my belief that there’s much, much more to come from the glorious JB.
    Congrats, thx & c u soon.
    The Irish one xxx

  7. Hi Jeni and don’t mention bin men to me!!!
    Do they do any work now at all?
    The better half and I have had to buy a new bed and we’re still waiting for the old one to be uplifted!(she is a bit like you regarding rubbish uplifts and has been on to them and now we find out it will be uplifted next week -it really makes an interesting feature in the back garden lol.
    Only three weeks to have a bed uplifted! and we have to pay for that!
    Hope you are enjoying a little respite from your hectic schedule of TV and we both hope we will see you back before too long.
    p.s. we still won’t watch the ‘replacement rubbish’,so she now has me setting the dvd recorder to record Anthony Worrell Thomson on ITV every afternoon, so as we can at least watch a friendly face in the evening.
    Look after your self, Jeni, love from your fans !

  8. Oooh, Jeni, I’d love to see and hear you in the Incredible Sulk-mode!!! 🙂
    Come back soon, ploooise…

  9. Yesterday I thought I’d give you know what another chance & it was even worse. The old nags son & the so called expert from Great British Menu. Utter rubbish! I now have to watch Loose Women @ 12.30 Get back on there if you can, you were good! Enjoy taking out Jackson. Loads a luv Judi xxx

  10. Hi Jeni, we really miss you and the GFL family. I have watched the new prog. for about 15 minutes, decided that they are all so far up their own b********s they don’t belong on this planet and gave up. this will really become a dead channel with no audience! I do hope the USofA is good for you. Come back refreshed and grace our TVs again soon best wishes.

  11. JENNIFER! You can’t blog all over the great British publics flat screen monitors if you can’t spell. Thus – ‘definItely’, NOT ‘definAtely’. Just wait till I get you home, young lady. xxxxx

  12. LOL at the definately/definitely! I just wanted to post as I have watched GFL since it started and have always loved watching you. I started working from home in March 2002 so your programme always kept me laughing at lunchtime. I miss that, I miss your presence and your fabulous sense of humour. Oh, and the food of course, GFL has taught me so much.
    One of the reasons I am posting is just because I rarely do. I wanted you to know that there are probably a gazillion of us rubbish-posters out there that feel the same way that all the others that have actually expressed their feelings.
    Have a fabby time in San Diego, you deserve some R&R but don’t forget to come back to your appreciative audience.
    Outraged-on-your-behalf of TW xxx

  13. Picky buggers going on about the spelling, eh? Did anyone not know what you were saying? No. come on, guys, this is our pal. Who cares if a key was hit by mistake? So what?
    Jen, what about doing something with your music? I think thats a really good idea.

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