The end of another week. The time is going so swiftly. The boxes are being delivered to my dressing in preparation for packing up 5 years worth of clothes,120 pairs of shoes, endless old scripts, bottles of vitamins, loads of lipsticks and boxes of jewellery. My lovely dresser Angelina will be on tap to fold … Read more


How will I cope without make-up? Everyday, except for Sundays and holidays, I sit in the make-up chair and get done. Eyes closed, rollers in, head back, my makeup is applied. I do my own mascara and lipstick but the rest is put on by an expert with powder and puffs, brushes and sponges. When … Read more

Pink Lipstick

What an extraordinary day. Frantic in the studio. Too much to do in too little time. We rehearse from 10.00 until 12.00. I take a break in the make-up chair then it’s out into the void. We had the lovely Richard Phillips on making a carbo-friendly chicken soup ideal for marathon runners. We also had … Read more

Needles in nightingale

I’ve had needles in my knees, to stop me feeling jealous and envious. Afraid that I’ll never work again, I’ve had needles bunged in my head to stop me being so negative. I’ve had needles in my brows to open my eyes to stop me looking Neanderthal and a needle under my right breast for … Read more

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This is my third attempt at writing this bloomin’ post. I have pressed the wrong key three times and deleted everything. You had better read it and make it worth my while! Today on Great Food Live we made breakfast. Lots of breakfasts …for Cancer Research UK. They want to turn March into breakfast and … Read more

Half Nelson

I am a member of BAFTA, which is one of the great treats of my life. I was nominated two years ago and accepted. So, I have the privilege of voting for films and telly. I take it very seriously, although I hate being judgemental. Standing in line at BAFTA is an experience. Everybody is … Read more

St. David’s Day

Well, pinch, punch, first day of the month and all that. GFL was really good today. My editor came into make-up and we agreed that we wouldn’t make a big number about the show coming off air, but it is hard, especially when we’re having fun. We all wore a jacket, shirt and red tie … Read more

The art of presenting

I have had so many people ask me about when, how and why I started presenting that maybe there’s a lecture in it. So many young people are entering the profession believing that just by looking good and swearing they can hold it together. The ability to read autocue, sight read, speak through a camera … Read more

Blood on your hands

Every week I go to a Swedish woman to help me with stress, fear, failure, anger, age and my fat belly. Every week she puts needles in different parts of my body and talks to me in a wonderful Swedish accent. Today she stuck needles in my head. The needles made it bleed and the … Read more

Eating squirrel

Well, maybe it’s something planetary but today has been weird. Maybe it’s because I knew I had to eat squirrel. Fergus Drennan came up from Herne Bay. He brought with him an assortment of wild herbs and mushrooms and, of course, his dead squirrel. There are various rules about ‘RoadKill’, one being that if you … Read more