Enough Already

There’s a stillness in the air.

The rain has stopped, the Michaelmas Daisies are dead.  The tomatoes, spinach and runner beans are gone and a lone marigold is drooping her head by the pots of peonies.

There’s a quietude; we’re waiting for something to happen.

I keep getting emails and messages asking me what I think about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict but, in truth I’m loathe to say anything just in case I get a notification that I am being banned, expelled or incarcerated because I don’t agree with the main stream.

Killing innocents is an aberration, whether you’re a Muslim, Jew or Zoroastrian.  An eye for an eye and a cracked tooth for a veneered implant is now so outmoded that the gentlemen, ( I begrudgingly say gentlemen), in charge should be alerted to the fact that they are a dying breed.  How do I know this?  Because, territorially obsessed testosterone fuelled wankers are fucking up our very existence listen, too many of us have had-e-bloody-nuff.

How dare men with their perverted power make bloodthirsty decisions on my behalf.  I do not want resentful retribution, I do not want willy waggling decisions made by men in frocks or bullies in skullcaps.  I do not want babies held hostage or old people cradling their grandchildren as Western guns are trained on them.  I do not want the sickening victories these bloodthirsty arseholes crave muddying my life and the lives of others around me.  Partisan politics  are inappropriate when hospitals are bombed.  A ‘them and us’ policy is about as effective as a prophylactic with a hole in it.  On their heads be it, not the prophylactic, their barbaric actions.  If they even have a conscience, this is no way to be going on in 2023, forgive me this is no way to be going on EVER.

I want the men who hold the keys to fuck off.  Rows of ageing machismo dullards playing footsie under the table whilst women and children die, and for what?  For why are millions of people being kept hostage?  For why are millions of people being starved, tortured, blown apart?  Who is actually making these decisions?

The world is bowing its head in shame but the warlords aren’t listening.  The globe is shuddering under climactic upheaval, but the men with the tools are fiddling with their tools.

This too will pass – okay, I know that.  Patience is a virtue, true BUT, and BUT, and BUT, enough already.  War war, jaw jaw and no more more.  I’m standing on the margins watching the destruction of choughs and puffins, bottle nose dolphins and beetles.  ENOUGH ALREADY.

Somehow the power must be wrestled away from the greedy, thoughtless, heartless politicians who tell truths with their fingers crossed behind their backs.

The Sunaks, The Trumps, the right wing, Iran and 71 other countries are happy to condemn their queer population because they are twice as guilty of the depravity of which they accuse gay people.

I am sick and tired of listening to the empty rhetoric,  the lies,  the deceptions.  We re all suffering from compassion exhaustion which is way beyond fatigue.

Women are rising up.  The youth are rising up.  AI is whispering in the corners of our mind.  Dormice are dying , giraffes are dwindling, and yet the men with gnarled hands are gripping the food bowls as they install golden bath taps in their palaces predicated on slavery.  They cannot care, so interested are they in grabbing the last remaining plots of land for themselves.

They kill in plain sight and blame the innocent.

There’s  a stillness in the air, we’re waiting for a God almighty explosion that will destroy more than it can repair.

To those who want my opinion on the conflict in the Middle East I say; it’s wrong and dastardly.  It’s disgusting and manipulative, its evil and wasteful.  It’s Unchristian, Unjewish, Unmuslim, untenable.  It is a blight on humanity.  There are no why’s or wherefores, just a mangled mess of misery  for millions, so I say ENOUGH ALREADY!

2 thoughts on “Enough Already”

  1. Couldn’t have put it better myself. We haven’t watched the news since before Covid. I don’t want all this horrid news in my house.

  2. Men, religion and politics; an evil mix for this world. Imaginary friends, getting rich and lying all in a days work ay! A good read as always young lady. 👍


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