Oh! Suella don’t you cry for me.

Every human being has a right of reply.
Every human being should be able to speak their truth and be listened to.
Every human being should be given the basics of life; food, air, water and companionable relationships.
Every human being that is except for Suella Braverman.
I have read up on her.
And by willies but she’s smart.
Cambridge educated and all that stuff

She is well endowed with titles and things but is so out of touch with the country she purports to love that God forbid you get on the wrong side of her you could find yourself stranded in Burundi without a pot to piss in.

She is terrified of the swarms coming over here ruining her beloved Britain. She is petrified of one too many usurpers coming onto this little Island and usurping our way of life and our little multi cultural island will topple into the sea and then where would we be, swimming with the fishes.
She is so utterly devoid of humanity that the mere idea of yet another tortured soul being washed up on our shores could have her foaming at the mouth, a mouth so full of shite it resembles a chemical toilet.

Our girl from India has a select policy of views that belong in the trash can already full of the garbage spouted by the likes of Esther Mackay, Jacob Reese Hogg, and the bankrupt Farage.
She represents a group of thinkers that are supported by the ignorant, the selfish and the spittle spraying loud mouths who think nothing of cheering on her wicked policies.
I despise Braverman, even with all her education. We talk of people with learning difficulties, I believe that Suella has difficulty is understanding the human race.
We are changing and evolving and she’s stuck in the misguided past along with all the other Empire loving bufoons; Adam Afriyie, Kwasi Kwarteng, James Cleverly, Kemi Badenoch, Darren Henry, Bim Afolami and solicitor and businesswoman Helen Grant.

She is righter than right, whiter than white, a veritable Bounty bar, aligning herself with Sunak and other Asian tories who seem to forget where they came from.
‘Open the Borders’ is as terrifying to them as shutting the borders is for the thousands of unfortunates who are fleeing countries represented by miscreants like her.
Her mother was a tory councillor, her father wasn’t, her Jewish husband works for Mercedes Benz a convenient alliance for a woman who seemingly loves the Jews. Although it appears that good old Suella is actually a bit of a Jew hater, although praps she doesn’t realise it.

Is she an Indian hating Indian?
She is an asylum hater although she comes from a family that accepted asylum. ‘It was different then.’ she caws. Yeh people cared for each other. How very dare she be living here messing up our gene pool.
So not only is she a hater of many colours, so loathsome is she with her Braverman bilge that, dare I say it, she is a human hating human

Rwanda and Bibby Stockholm appeared under her watch. Denying rights to gays and women just because they are threatened with death and torture means nothing to our fairy godmother of ghoul. Let them remain in their countries of origin whilst we regain our Sovereignty and ruin as many lives as possible.
She has no wit, no compassion and given her enormous intelligence she has no sense. She is fiercely articulate and the right wing think she is brave spouting her vicious drivel.
She hates this country since she declares that Multi-culteralism just does not work. Good old Enoch and his rivers of blood are but a damp patch in the history of bigotry compared to Suella Braverman – who was by the way named after an 80’s character in the glamorous soap opera ‘Dallas’. Full of intrigue, lies and deception. Aha!

Let the woman stir up hatred, let her divide, let her spout her misguided rhetoric and let us rub our hands in glee as she fucks up yet more of her Home Secretarial duties. Let us delight in the disbanding of her band of obnoxious supporters who are balancing precariously on the wrong side of the see-saw, the wrong side of history. Let us applaud as they slide into the silo of antiquated politics. Suella is on the winning side – at the moment – but when she opens her mouth to scream as her toxic cabal face destruction, let us rejoice in her downfall. Suella your days are numbered, your Alt right American audiences will dry up, your fascist leaning views will be swallowed up by the tofu eating woke folk you so openly despise. How will you cope when all your borders are closed and you’re thrust into a society that cares as little about you as you do your host country.
I can hear the cross crowds shouting ‘Go back to your own country Suella’.  But I wonder, Suella, where that will be ….Rwanda perhaps?

3 thoughts on “Oh! Suella don’t you cry for me.”

  1. She wasn’t a very good barrister, requiring to be given silk (that is made a lead Counsel – then ‘Queen’s Counsel’) in order to be appointed as Attorney General by Johnson. Johnson had sacked Geoffrey Cox who proved to be difficult about the so-called NI ‘backstop’ & needed a yes man. Highly educated (and one of those who pull the ladder up) but I don’t think intelligent more cunning, like so many of her colleagues.

  2. Tee hee, witty & accurate as usual
    Was tempted to shout “Rishi, show us yer clogs” when you were last in buuuuttt perhaps not a good idea where I work… 🧐😅🤣😂😇 (Next time ay? 🤭)

  3. Please can we have a warning that we may find some of the content distressing, when this thoroughly obnoxious woman appears on GB news. She has the rank audacity to throw vile accusations at a woman who is one hundred times more of a human being than she is.


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