Rishi Show Us Your Clogs

Jupiter’s in retrograde, encouraging us all to be introspective and thoughtful, are you listening Rishi? Not content with saying and doing nothing the idiot that calls himself Prime Minister has now trashed Net Zero. We’re in the Hebrew year of 5784, which according to Jewish soothsayers is a year of open doors. Are you listening Sunak you twat, it’s a year of open doors and you have just closed one of our few remaining exits. As one door closes another one slams firmly into place with the help of your ineffectual reasoning. Only the I’m alright right wingers can see any sense in making us the arseholes of the world.
Boilers are too expensive
Electric cars are too expensive
Climate change can wait
Bring back fracking
Polar Bears and bees can go fuck themselves
Bring back coal mines
Mud slides
Bring back hanging
Those tiresome billionaires, with all their education, have no idea how the other 99.9% live. They think they understand the economics of the downtrodden but you and I know they not only don’t understand the concept of trickle down politics they actually don’t give a fuck.
Now the accepting British public, with their terror of immigrants and a Kingless republic, are buying into a distorted rhetoric. They had better wake up, not in a weird, woke way but in an openyourfuckingeyes way, or they could find themselves in a Hotel room having been thrown out of their homes by unscrupulous landlords who, without a by or leave, are throwing out anybody and everybody from their overinflated flats into hotels that Petronella Wyatt would be appalled by. We are being led into a whirlpool of confusion and a false sense of security by a government that is so out of touch they wouldn’t even know what an NHS hospital looked like. A group of un-empathetic, ignorant windbags who deserve to be put in the stocks in front of a group of homeless children who are allowed to chuck at them whatever they can lay their hands on. Preferably crumbled Racc concrete from the ceilings of their damaged schools.
Not that I want any harm to come to Rishi and his handful or loathsome wankers, but if he isn’t stopped soon – by the multitude, by the mob, by the majority of decent thinking people – we will sink into an abyss of such unholy shit taking a breath will be impossible.
Men and more men are abusing our tiny little planet.
Men and more men are abusing women and our way of life.
Men and more men are making survival hard whilst they still make bombs and drones and unbelievably clever weaponry that kill the innocent.
Men and more men are writing the rules of global catastrophe.
Men and some women actually support the antics of antiquated thinkers.

Gender politics
Trans politics
Menstrual politics
Penis envy
Vagina rivalry….

I know we have to change things, and I know we have to start somewhere, and I know changes are uncomfortable but the worlds gone mad for genitalia. Syrians living in a tent, Libyans living under a sheet, Armenians being marched out of Nagorno-Karabakh, families in Peckham and children in Swindon couldn’t give a dick about whose got what and where they want to put it. We are focusing on the wrong things. We, the chattering, thinking classes, are focusing on the peripheral.
Basics like clean water, clean air and enough houses for everybody to live in, that’s what we should be discussing at great length.
2030. 2035. 2050. It doesn’t matter a bag of beans since Mother Nature is now being merciless. It is now that the powerful have to represent humanity not in 5-10-15 years time. It’s not enough being angry, protesting, shouting through loud hailers, those at the top have to be moved to do something. Stop the oil. Stop the trafficking. Stop the lies. Stop the inequality. I could go on, the list is endless. If our elected leaders don’t do anything then there will be blood on the streets. Mother Nature couldn’t give a cats arse whether we survive or not. But Jupiter is in retrograde and sooner or later there will have to be change. There will have to be a turn of the screw so that more than just a few rich bastards get the pickings. Those that are making decisions on our behalf have to be brought to book. This state of affairs cannot go on.
When the first minister stands at a podium and arrogantly poses as an ordinary member of the public I want to take a shoe and throw it at the telly. When he makes statements that purports to care for the hoi polloi I want to pull the scart lead out of the box. When he tries to get down with the dudes I want to spew. The man, in his Prada shoes and his Henry Herbet £2,300 suit ignites in me good old fashioned class hatred. The conservators would accuse me of envy, of Champagne politics, neither of which apply. I do not envy the self-entitled nor do I drink Champagne but I am gobsmacked by the countries number one Minister’s inability to realise that them’s of us with holes in our shoes can see through his desperate attempt to come down to our level. It ain’t ever gonna happen Sunak, if I’m ever gonna believe a fucking word you say take off your mules and show us your clogs and I’ll show you mine.

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