Oh! Suella don’t you cry for me.

Every human being has a right of reply. Every human being should be able to speak their truth and be listened to. Every human being should be given the basics of life; food, air, water and companionable relationships. Every human being that is except for Suella Braverman. I have read up on her. And by … Read more

Rishi Show Us Your Clogs

Jupiter’s in retrograde, encouraging us all to be introspective and thoughtful, are you listening Rishi? Not content with saying and doing nothing the idiot that calls himself Prime Minister has now trashed Net Zero. We’re in the Hebrew year of 5784, which according to Jewish soothsayers is a year of open doors. Are you listening … Read more

Birthday Bashing

On August 23rd the old git was 80. It was a long time coming. One minute he was 34 with all his teeth, a mop of curly hair, a motorbike, acting jobs coming out of his ears, and a fancy car that you had to slip into. And then kaboosh it’s a second hand Golf, … Read more