Oil and Gas be damned

There is absolutely no defence in awarding North Sea Oil new licences. There is no defence even if you are a simpering little Sunak who thinks he knows best. The world is on fire and Rodent Rishi believes that handing out money for oil and gas is the right way to go. The world is … Read more

Disgusted in Tunbridge Wells

To get to Forest Row – a Rudolph Steiner village where the organic veg grows on trees and the village hall hosts yoga, qi gong classes and theatrical performances, you have to drive down New Road then bare left over a cattle grid. The Duddleswell Tea Rooms have their chairs still stacked, waiting for summer … Read more

mid July

We drove the dawter to London. Today we received a fine for driving down her road. £65. I went shopping locally. I received a fine for £35. I contested it and got a very long letter telling me I was wasting my time. I told the old git to contest the £65 but he declined. … Read more

Old dogs new pics

There comes a time in every old crone’s life when they have to sit down, take stock, brush themselves off and start all over again. So with that in mind this septuagenarian with a healthy ego made a decision. The old git drove me to Tunbridge Wells station. I sat in the front coach of … Read more


I watched Elton John from the comfort of my living room. His birthday is a day after mine. We Aries always have trouble with our feet, and there was Reggie Dwight stumbling around the stage wearing safe shoes. He said his golden trousers were falling down but that didn’t stop the man from Pinner giving … Read more