Oil and Gas be damned

There is absolutely no defence in awarding North Sea Oil new licences.
There is no defence even if you are a simpering little Sunak who thinks he knows best.
The world is on fire and Rodent Rishi believes that handing out money for oil and gas is the right way to go.
The world is fraying at the edges, cliffs are falling into the sea, polar bears are tiptoeing on thin ice and yet the Tory Party’s leader, the craven little worm that calls himself a Prime Minister is steering us into yet a bigger crisis.
The man has no foresight.
The man has no compassion.
The man has no wisdom.
The man has no idea.
The man, with more money than sense, walks into factories and patronises the workers; rolls up his cuffs as if he has done a decent day’s work in his life and spews out platitudes.
He has no moral compass.
As Grenfell residents still await to be rehoused ‘Bibby Stockholm’ – the new hotel prison barge for migrants – awaits the same fate with it’s life threatening lagging, and still the nasty little turd says nothing.
His silence is defence.
As tactics go he is a master. “See a problem, say a problem, hear a problem and then do nothing. Let the problem fester”.
Sunak is an incompetent doctor overseeing a gangrenous society. Our poor little country has had its blood flow cut off leading us into dangerous and potentially fatal conditions. Gangrene occurs when a lack of blood supply and oxygen results in tissue death. Our arsehole of a Prime Minister is literally starving the country of life. We are all suffering from toxic shock. Gangrene requires ‘Urgent treatment to prevent further serious illness and death. This includes removal of dead tissue and sometimes amputation’.
The removal of the scabby Conservators would do the trick.
As analogies go you can’t get more accurate, as parts of the UK are starved of food, money, resources; as parts of the United Kingdom face a break down in health, wealth and basic care, the mincing little prig of a man simpers his way to the front of the cue and blinds sides us all by offering oil and gas workers titbits when he should be investing in the country’s future, the world’s future. The soppy-date of a boy should be investing in greener and greener policies. He should show that he cares that our birds are dying. He should show a modicum of care that care-workers don’t exist. He should be bothered that children are required to read only a fraction of a book and then plagiarise their answers.
Not that his kids will face such iniquity since billionaires and their crew are outside the system. The mouthpiece of Westminster has about as much in common with Blighty as I do with Tonga. And the final insult is that I didn’t even vote for him.
The damned Tories have taken our little country and using a sledge hammer, have smashed it like a walnut on a paving stone. That wrecking ball is now in the hands of bullies and tormentors. Whilst Sunak, the clever little toad, knows how to look and sound decent when he is in fact a manipulative little shite.
The old git says I’m not to be personal, but the first minister sits in the highest office of the land and he offends me. He offends me because he does not represent me or millions of others. He is an impediment to my future and the future of my children and grandchildren.
He is a blight on the backside of my world.
Now if Keir Starmer does not pull his wizened little finger out of his arse we could be facing yet more years of egregious government. If the Labour Party does not espouse the principles of genuine socialism – not the corruptible sort that is left in the hands of the Putins of the world – if the incumbents of humanitarian socialism do not step up then our society will wither and die.
Now my friend Elaine says it’s okay to rant and rave but what the fuck am I doing about it.
And of course she has a point. Well I’m not protesting on the streets, it’s true. I’m not chucking out orange confetti that’s true too but I am shouting and kicking at the doors of the hyenas.
The young will march, the middle aged will walk and the elderly will wield their quills and shout and scream at the injustice of the overlords.
Our little spinning globe belongs to all of us not just the fucking “entitled”. Our withering little planet faces extinction because fuckers like Sunak don’t care about the ‘all’ they only care bout ‘the me’. This can not go on for much longer. I’m nearly dead and most of us are suffering from ‘whatthefuck’ fatigue.
It is inappropriate to live in a society that wants to stand alone in a world that needs to stand together. The Nigel Farages of the world love to destabilise. The Jeremy Cunts of the world love to speak with fork tongues. They soothe as they savage.
If handing out money to oil and gas suppliers does not fly in the face of decent policy making then I am a monkey’s auntie. I am sick of Sunak and his greedy accomplices.
I am seething, I am angry. And as Peter Finch screamed in the film ‘Network’ as he chucked his telly box out of the window ‘I am as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.’ Well, just like Pete, I’m as mad as hell and I’m not the only one.
Can you hear me? I’m a calamitous old crone who doesn’t care what you think about me. If I have to stand 72.49 centimetres away (that’s an ‘arm’s length, by the way) from your mucilaginous face and spray my contemptuous saliva into your smarmy phizog I will.
Remember RISH-ee SOO-nak I am watching you.

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  1. A year younger than you but have totally opposing view. We import gas and oil from other countries and so cause more pollution in the transportation. Renewables are expensive at the moment, have enormous subsidies and are not reliable.


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