Fighting might with shite

Boys should not be allowed guns, ever.
Especially boys who despise democracy – they should not be allowed anywhere near weapons.
Boys, with just enough testosterone to allow them to grow hair near their wobbly bits, should then be steered away from guns, bombs and tanks, forever.

Boys who invent guns and napalm, swords, sticks and Agent Orange, should have their brains rewired so they never invent such despicable creations.
Rockets, revolvers, hand grenades and torpedos should be kept away from boys with a macho need to grab territory and rape and pillage.

In 2023 we should be beyond acts of such unkindness.

Oceans heating up, glaciers melting, wild life dying and those boys still have an eye on the prize whilst adding to the World’s mountain of misery.

Particular arseholes – General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Sudan’s military ruler and head of the army, and General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, the country’s deputy and head of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary group, – should be taken into a room, without weapons. 5,500 children armed with marshmallows and bags of midget gems should be allowed to throw insults and sweets at them. Let them chant;

Stop being selfish
Stop being childish
Stop being mean
Stop. Stop. Stop.

Those children should be allowed to swear and lab dog poop at them. Fighting might with shite.

It is time for boys everywhere – from Westminster to the Pentagon from The Kremlin to the Imperial Palace, boys with a mind to hurt people, boys with an imagination to create war, boys with the intention to make ever more unreasonable weapons, boys with the mindset to maim and kill, should be put into a room and told they will stay there until they have changed their ways – it could take years.

Girls who support boys like them – who sing in choirs or make knitted berets – should be told that supporting naughty, aggressive boys is unhelpful. Girls who don’t stand between their killing men and the killing fields, should be made to peel thousands of potatoes until their hands hurt.

It’s enough that we have destroyed the planet, it’s enough we have ravaged the oceans and the mountains, but it is incontrovertible that those boys who have quietly gone blind to their destruction around them, that those pugilistic bullies have divided and ruled, ruled and killed, tortured and lied. It is enough that those boys who think they know it all- on our behalf – should be silenced. Those aggressive, unholy boys should have their mouths washed out with soap and water and then gagged to stop their shouting and brawling which is buggering up our lives.

Bellicose bastards should be banned.
Pugnacious pricks should be rounded up and put in a field with marauding bulls.
Belligerent bullies should be put into quick sand.
Natural punishments for unnatural behaviour.

I am sick and tired of watching conflicts on the telly that our distinguished arms dealers create so they can fill their pockets with the spoils of war.

Enough with the bullyboys.
Yes, yes I know that there are some women who are just as bad, but most of those women add up to a bag of beans when you count the boys with nothing on their minds but war-war not jaw-jaw.
God Bless the Sudanese, The Ukrainians, The Yemens, The Somalians, the Afghanis, The Myanmars, The Ethiopians…..I cant go on.

2 thoughts on “Fighting might with shite”

  1. Dearest Jeni and my man, the ‘oosband’.
    Don’t think I spelt that right?!
    We love you…….Jeni Barnett, keep writing……..’oosband’, keep strong son…….chin up!
    You have been with me all my life and you’re not going anywhere!
    Write, or right!
    We love you……big love, the Borowski’s!
    Bring on the Avenue! Xxx

  2. ….ps…apparently we’re not a race!
    Who is, what is?!
    Sad times!
    Did you read the ‘cockney’ article in the bbc website?
    Times change and we flow with them.
    Joe xxxx


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