Fighting might with shite

Boys should not be allowed guns, ever. Especially boys who despise democracy – they should not be allowed anywhere near weapons. Boys, with just enough testosterone to allow them to grow hair near their wobbly bits, should then be steered away from guns, bombs and tanks, forever. Boys who invent guns and napalm, swords, sticks … Read more

A hat trick of goodbyes

First Paul, then Barry, then Len – I met them all, but only in a nominal sense. Back in the 80’s I worked at LWT standing proudly on the river – that’s LWT not me – next door to Gabriels wharf where I bought bespoke ceramics and a big wooden lion who stood in my … Read more

It ain’t over till its over

There are clumps of daffodils and tulips dotted around the garden. I’ve planted two different peonies, all shiny burgundy leaves in terracotta crocks and there are three pots of poppies on the garden table waiting to be planted up. There are puddles in the lawn and the big, pink bathtub, that was gifted to us, … Read more