March 24th.

In 79 days I will be 70.
Florence maybe?
Or Bali?
Or Tunbridge Wells for tea.
Three dawters and an artist are making a surprise for me.
Will it be in London?
In Brighton?
Or Tunbridge Wells for tea?
I’m not renewing my vows.
Or having Botox.
I’m not going away on a spa day.
But I am considering Tunbridge Wells for tea.
When I was born in 1949
Who’d have thought that 2019 would rock up so soon.
My mother can’t come.
My father can’t come.
Too many of my friends can’t come.
They’re all busying themselves in the ether.
Had I known I’d have organised a farewell tea in Tunbridge Wells.
They say that Tunbridge Wells is the ninth best place to live in the UK
BUT Come on
I think a coffee break in La Loggia degli Albizi, in Florence is slightly more frivolous
For 4 score years and ten.
And then?

1 thought on “March 24th.”

  1. Wow! 70! After seeing you on the MM show in Gino’s bedroom, I can’t believe you’re turning 70! You don’t look any older than 60 max! I’m serious Jeni. Keep it up. Whatever you’re doing, is keeping you young. I suppose it the exercise and walking, and of course living in the countryside away from all the pollution.
    Well, mazel tov in advance.
    Wishing you many more happy and healthy years to come.
    All my Luv and kisses.

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