2018 Baubles

Lucky I am to have a full calendar.
Lucky to have a fridge full of food.
Lucky to have a clean cooker to cook it in.
Lucky to have family and friends.
Grateful for it all.
Grateful for the cat, who’s lying on the table next to me.
Grateful for the Irises given to me by one of B’s friends.
Grateful for hot water and a flushing lavatorio.
Grateful for my life, and humbled by the needs of so many people. From Anna our Big Issue seller outside the supermarket, to the Donkeys in our local rescue centre.
Christmas feels different this year. Trump buffooning, Brexit Looming, conversations always turning to the dark side.
So with a huge hurrumph I kiss goodbye to another year. I’m not daft enough to think all our troubles will be out of sight, but lets hope in 2019 it’s WE not ME and that the change that is coming finally arrives.
I wish all my FB friends a peaceful, calm, warm and fuzzy Christmas Night. And may your crackers be full of fortune.

2 thoughts on “2018 Baubles”

  1. …..I think we all need to remember, we worked hard for this!
    A good life takes hard work…… we try and better what was done for us!
    There is no shame in living a good life……..you work hard, love life……. all should be good!
    We don’t know Anna’s background, like she doesn’t know ours!
    We all struggle………but we must enjoy the life we have made for ourselves!
    I make it a duty to shop in Waitrose……because my fore fathers worked hard, I work hard………and we would all laugh that we sometimes shop there!
    Don’t be ashamed of who you are, where you come from……… and don’t read the news too much!
    Just look what’s around you…….. too beautiful to deny…….. too much to enjoy……so much others craved for you!
    Soak it up…………. revel in it……… I’m sure that’s what this wonderful planet would wish for, before it’s burnt to the core!
    Love, the Borowski’s!

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