Lessons from a Tit.

We have one peanut feeder and two fat ball feeders hanging outaside our bedroom window. The birds land on the fat balls. And peck away. The squirrels jump onto the feeder and steal the birds nuts. The feeder bangs against the window, frightens off the birds, leaving the feeders up for grabs. For the squirrels … Read more

Year of the Pig

I’m bewitched by the birds on the feeder outside my bedroom window. I’m bothered by Donald Fartypants, and his dismantling of the United States of America. I’m bewildered by the antics of the British First Lady, who appears to be so out of touch with everything, that words literally fail me My lawn is covered … Read more

March 24th.

In 79 days I will be 70. Florence maybe? Or Bali? Or Tunbridge Wells for tea. Three dawters and an artist are making a surprise for me. Will it be in London? In Brighton? Or Tunbridge Wells for tea? I’m not renewing my vows. Or having Botox. I’m not going away on a spa day. … Read more