Lessons from a Tit.

We have one peanut feeder and two fat ball feeders hanging outaside our bedroom window.
The birds land on the fat balls. And peck away.
The squirrels jump onto the feeder and steal the birds nuts.
The feeder bangs against the window, frightens off the birds, leaving the feeders up for grabs. For the squirrels its a win-win situation.
Bit like Brazil, Yemen, Syria, Brexit.
The insanely greedy squirrels are picking away at our Democracy, at our gold reserves, oil reserves, at our forests, trees, oceans, and like the tits that we are we fly off.
When the peanuts have all gone the little flying rats leave the fat balls alone.
When the coast is clear, all the tits organise. Blue tits, Cold tits and Long tail tits, gather round and feed amiably, letting each little Tit have a nibble.
I’m telling you when we all remember that we are nothing but a band of Great Tits things will change.
We must not let the Rodents grind us down.

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  1. Hey … you are lucky …. I had a field rat crawling up my bird feeder this afternoon . Made my skin crawl !

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