Season of howsyourfathers.

August came and went.
Full of celebrations. From next doors baby boy who was one, to our very own old git who reached 75 and lined up his whiskey gifts;
Smoked, malted, Scottish, Welsh.
And then a selection of Bitters, mixers, gin and a family pack of Toblerone for the man who needs nothing.
I worked on the radio, did voice overs, made up beds for God Children, the dawter, and even attempted to write some.
I’ve been meditating, and visiting my acupuncturist who has bound my little feet like an ancient Chinese noodle maker. My high insteps, always a source of praise, have decided, in later life, to pull me tendons, play merry Hell with me balls, and generally make the wearing of shoes an effin’ nightmare. So with the tutelage of Gethyn the ‘oosbind, stuck a strip of Elastoplast over the balls of the foot, a second strip – like clapboard housing – over that, then a large white strip of sports strapping wrapped around the whole foot keeping my toes bent. The relief has been monumental. I can wear shoes, socks, and am able to walk with the steadiness of a high wire artiste.
Although yesterday I took the clean laundry upstairs, tripped on a dangling under sheet and slid down thirteen steps, facedown on the pile, landing outside the bathroom door. Had forensics been around with a piece of white chalk they would have left the outline of a perfect CSI subject. I lay, like a dead corpse, howling. Jim was looking down at me with an exasperated expression that only a husband of 41 years can muster.
A look that said
“What the bloody Hell have you done now? And, how many times have I told you a ‘dead’ corpse is a tautology!”
He stepped over me, would George Cloony have been quite so ungallant? I wondered. The old git returned and offered to help me up. I declined preferring to remain prostate, or is it prostrate? Anyway….
I am not broken in any way, although I do have a carpet burn on my right thigh.
This weekend I am cooking Watermelon and Prawn curry for a carless couple who are taking the bus from Brighton to talk to us about pod casting. That is our next project to film, and record monologues I have written. The least I can do is give em a good meal. I am also making Vietnamese salad, a delightful melange of peanuts, Chinese cabbage and whatever else I can find in the salad drawer.
September beckons with only a few apples, the trees have been bare, a garden that is lusciously green but so horribly weedy that I don’t know where to begin.
I have a speech to write for the 29th, and more projects to finish than I care to mention.
Increasingly I wonder about the ‘what ifs’ and ‘wherefores’ of my life. Sometimes I yearn for ‘back then’ and ‘do you remember whens’, all of which is a total waste of time, since it’s been and gone, but autumn does do that doesn’t it.
The smell of blowsy blackberries, the shortening days. If I’m lucky I’ve got about 15 summers left. Now ain’t that a thought.

2 thoughts on “Season of howsyourfathers.”

  1. …….Thankyou jeni for writing again!
    We were beginning to worry!
    But to our sudden delight, as I embarked on stripping the hallway floorboards, your voice appeared on the wireless!
    I kept saying to the ever patient wifey, I can’t do anymore decorating without jeni Barnett to listen to!
    And you came to our rescue!
    I find it so incredibly wicked, that I watched you on the telly, as a very Ickle boy, with my mum…….. grew a little and listened to you on lbc…… as I paved a way through to a career……. travelling down Cheyne walk…….. along the Thames, with you wittering on….. and me heading home!
    I have read everyone of your blogs since you began writing them……..
    A delight and food for my soul for the past 11 years……I think?!
    Your words, voice and name are a main stay in our little family……….crazy really……. but you’ve been a constant inspiration in my life, for my whole life really?!
    The watermelon and prawn curry sounds……. kinda good……. but how do you cook water melon and then marry the two?
    But I’m sure you can!
    Let us know how it goes…… I’m definately intrigued!
    The pod cast idea sounds fantastic……… only the other day me and cat (the wifey)……. were saying how you should do a podcast and we’d listen to it every time!
    Your words and stories of your adventures would not go un-listened to in this house hold!
    It’s a brilliant idea…….. go for it!
    And before I sign off…….. as I think I’ve written to you before……… we might have found your tree down the avenue…… baby boy kinda sais jeni Barnett tree……….. he keeps collecting oak tree sticks to put by your tree…… of which I have to do……sorry for the mess…….. and sorry if you can hear little Leon’s cries as we walk him through ‘the walk’…… at the same time though, you’ll hear Layla’s bounding, running steps, as she’s bigger now……. and starting ‘big school’ in a couple of weeks!
    I start my RHS course at the same time as layla starts big school, hopefully this time I pay more attention in class and get a qualification!
    So…….. just for your information…….. your words, acting, voice and general enthusiasm…….. your colour for life has enriched mine….. my wife’s and our two little bambino’s!
    A pod cast idea that you have……. will definately be listened too!
    And best of luck……. go for it jeni Barnett!
    The borowski’s will be waiting with anticipating ears!
    Big love, the Borowski’s!

  2. I agree with everything Joe has said about the gorgeous Jeni!
    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to u the week u were on air and also on the 30th. Although I’m in London I tuned into Sussex. I didn’t want to miss even one show. Its a combination of bringing back the good old days and also thrilled that you are still given some air time. Wish you can have a steady position once again. Its your voice, wit and warmth that u just don’t get with any other presenters.
    I can’t believe u had another fall! Naughty girl! Please take more care! Just as well there’s no serious injuries. The good news is that your bones are still supple which makes sense as you’re so young at heart!
    Looking forward to hearing what you’ll be getting up to so keep them blogs cumin!
    All my luv,

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