There’s No Business Like Fake Business

So dear blogger ‘L’ it is not good to have a businessman as the Commander in Chief, it is not good to have a buffoon in charge who knows as much about diplomacy as a hyena.
Because ‘L’, business is not based on compassion and fairness, business is based on profit and loss, it’s about who can make the most out of the least input, as they pocket the booty, leaving just 1% with the spoils, whilst the remaining 99% scrabble around to survive.
Not that I wish to appropriate The Labour Party’s slogan, ‘For The Many Not The Few’, but egalitarianism started way before politicians got hold of it. T’was the genius of Thatcher to declare there is no such thing as society as she callously set about dismantling it.
As a species we instinctively care and protect each other, we shelter the wounded and embrace the weak, we have learned to curb out impulses and communally support the vulnerable and disadvantaged. Only when we get threatened do we lash out to protect our cave, or tree or whatever habitat we find ourselves in.
The more we have the more we feel the need to protect it, but if what we have is at the expense of humanity, at the expense of decency then we have nothing.
But lets be grown up about this, the profiteers need us to be at each others throats so they can divide us, confuse us and ultimately conquer us – what for?
You tell me.
I refuse to be frightened by the dissemblers. I refuse to be intimidated by the ignorant. I will not be brow beaten by self serving egotists. And I will not be silenced by the likes of the MP for Crickhowell or the imbecilic rantings of the so-called President.
There is no place for destructive liars. For the Bannons or the Farages, The McVays or
the Johnson’s.
So here’s to you
Tommy Robinson
Jesus loves you more than you will know
Woah woah woah
God bless you please
Tommy Robinson
Heaven holds a place for those who pray
Hey hey hey, hey hey hey
And I pray that the malevolent forces in todays society are mellowed by the kind hearted goodness of the millions of souls who choose Peace and Harmony.
Of course I’m an old hippy. I hug trees and know how to spell quinoa, I know that life goes in cycles. The sun rises and sets, the moon waxes and wanes, the seasons change, and despite how clever we think we are time and tide awaits no WO-man. So there is, to quote a good old cliche, no time like the present to raise our voices.
Everytime the orange baboon opens his mouth I despair, my mouth goes dry and I fantasise about him being made to live on a dime a day in a refugee camp, sleeping next to an open sewer with only Sarah Huckabee as a bedfellow. Okay so he’s spawned a resistance movement, but the sooner he is flushed down the latrine of time the better it will be for all of us.
God Bless America, God bless us, and God bless God whatever – or whoever He/She or It may be.

4 thoughts on “There’s No Business Like Fake Business”

  1. Nicely expressed, Jeni. Whilst I’m here, ‘L’ joins the masses when he applies the ‘cruel to be kind’ epithet to the underdog, the class who have to be controlled. But, we are in the days when the privileged need to be taught a lesson. We will have to be cruel to the ‘ones above’ in order that THEY can learn lessons that, I fear, they will find very difficult to learn. Come on, ‘L’, don’t grovel.

  2. Jeni, you’ve convinced me! Beautifully written! You’re a natural poet! I’m not ashamed to say that I was a bit taken by the orange bear but the lie this week how he twisted his words about Russia, already convinced me otherwise and your words nailed it.
    Well said about Tommy Robinson. It’s unreal how they keep on trying to shut him up and have now imprisoned him! He was merely revealing terrible crimes that are happening on a daily basis right under our noses!
    What a world!
    Weren’t u supposed to be on radio Sussex this week? I couldn’t find your show..
    Hugs & luv

  3. Hey Jeni Barnett,
    Can’t wait for you to be on the airwaves again!
    I’m decorating next week and will have you playing on the wireless, to keep me going!
    I’ll only be listening to radio Sussex because of you…….. it’s been a whole year since we moved here, and a whole year for me to start decorating!
    It’s been a wicked year……….paint brushes at the ready jeni!
    Thankyou for writing!
    Big love, the Borowski’s!

  4. Dearest,
    Your radio show gets better and better every day! You’re a pro! You’re fully back in the swing! I’m glued! They should keep you permanently! I would!
    Well done!

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