Just saying

I do not like bigotry.
I do not like hypocrisy.
I do not like liars.
I do not like selfishness.
I do not like greed.
I do not like bullies.
I do not like racists.
I do not like manipulators.
Protesting any of the above is necessary, whether it’s with a big orange balloon or a placard that says ‘Not In My Name’.
As we face more bunkum from our elected leaders more protesting is necessary, Whether it’s shouting from the roof tops or placards that say ‘Give Peace a Chance’.
I do not like a world where a handful of gluttons claw the food out of the mouths of babes.
There are some that will express delight in a voice that causes dissent, but this is the 21st century and the time for negotiating with Narcissists should have died in 1945 when millions lost their lives fighting for decency.
When the last butterfly flaps it’s weary wings, when the last bumblebee ceases its buzzing, when the rhinos and cows, horses and hedgehogs are but copper plates in old encyclopaedias, that’s when the undeserving entitled will be brought to book, and not a moment too soon.
Protesting on behalf of humanity is only just beginning. Now is not the time for climbing into bed with ignoramuses.
Trump is but an overblown bombast with delusions of grandeur. He is neither a statesman nor a man of principle. He is an ugly boil on the arse of the world that needs to be lanced. There is no place for his arrogant ignorance in such a fragile world.
As Mr. Lennon would say ALL WE NEED IS LOVE.

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  1. Point taken. Well said. I actually agree with you Jeni. We will need to wait until his term is up to see if he’s led the world to destruction or perhaps a better place. Sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind. It’s surely a first having a businessman run the world for a change instead of a politician even with all his faults.
    Good night

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