Mono Brew.

The air feels like a water bed. Like a foam mattress that takes on the shape of your body when you’ve left it. And my body at the moment is cool. I don’t mean it in a narcissistic, vain kinda way, I mean it in a purely Celsius/Fahrenheit kinda way. Today I drove to Deer … Read more

Just saying

I do not like bigotry. I do not like hypocrisy. I do not like liars. I do not like selfishness. I do not like greed. I do not like bullies. I do not like racists. I do not like manipulators. Protesting any of the above is necessary, whether it’s with a big orange balloon or … Read more

Life goes on….

The man with a basket of food let me go ahead of him to pay for my six pack of bagels. ‘I can’t believe I’m talking about football to a complete stranger.’ I said as I pontificated over Gareth Southgate, ‘our’ young team, the possibility of beating Croatia and – heaven forfend – football coming … Read more