Tarra 2016

Ill health gone.
Black dog chased off.
May we all have Unexpected Good.
Unexpected Money
Unexpected Love
Unexpected Kindness
Unexpected Generosity
Unexpected Offers
Unexpected Prosperity
That’s courtesy of Michael Beckwith.
I wish you all health wealth, love and perfect self expression.
May Trump be eradicated, may Farage be erased, may Katie Hopkins be silenced, may the politicians of inhumanity be overtaken by love and light. May 2017 belong to all people of love and grace.
A massive thank you to you all for your love and support in what has been a fecking difficult year.
Roll on Year of the Rooster.

2 thoughts on “Tarra 2016”

  1. Jeni, couldn’t agree more – good riddance 2016 and please may 2017 bring us all you wish for x

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