I don’t watch jungle capers
I don’t watch ‘Honey G’
I don’t watch ‘Made in Chelsea’
I don’t watch ‘Dine with me.’
I don’t watch pointless gameshows
I don’t watch gambling capers
I don’t watch politicians
Lying over papers.
I don’t watch bitchy housewives
I don’t watch ‘Jordy Shore’
I don’t watch naked dating
I don’t watch much no more.
The parent funded hipsters
With jeans slung round their bum
Are now the reigning lunatics
Who run the as-y-lum.
Reality, Reality,
The Trumpette of banality
Thoughtless drones
In Plasma-ed homes
Have voted for brutality.
I know I’m biting feeding hands
I know I’m sounding horrid
But television, you must agree,
Is cheap and dumb and torrid.

6 thoughts on “Tellymoans”

  1. How can there be so many channels and nothing to watch?
    Bring back the sixties when chances were taken on new writers to bring us something we had never seen before!
    So agree Jeni.
    Best love

  2. Hi Jeni
    Just wanted to wish everyone all the joys of the season and every happiness in 2017.
    Especially you Jeni, I hope you go from strength to strength and make 2017 your year!
    Much love darling girl

  3. Just want to wish you my dear, season’s greetings and a happy Chanukah. Get ready for 2017 as the lights will be on for you Jeni!
    Lots of love and kisses.

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