May Beevers cake.

Yellow leaves, red leaves, no leaves, green leaves. The oak tree outside the bedroom window is practically naked. November – one week to go till December – and I’ve found a new eatery – in the next village. Twee, said the dawter. It’s airy, light, walkers, dogs, old people, single people, groups of people, young … Read more

President Fart

The pundits talk and punt. The speculators talk and speculate. The politicians talk and politicise. The winners win The losers lose And the talk goes on. The magnanimous forgive, the disillusioned dissolve, the spirited move on. The wind blows, the rain falls, the sun elbows the clouds out of the way and life goes on. … Read more

Norwegian Poles.

The stove is stoving, the light is fading and the fruit basket is full of windfalls. The washing’s ironed, the carpet’s vacuumed and the draining board is shiny. The ‘oosbind’s pottering, the dawter’s driving and the tickets are booked for the flicks tonight. The old git bought me two Norwegian walking poles. We crossed the … Read more