President Fart

The pundits talk and punt.
The speculators talk and speculate.
The politicians talk and politicise.
The winners win
The losers lose
And the talk goes on.
The magnanimous forgive, the disillusioned dissolve, the spirited move on.
The wind blows, the rain falls, the sun elbows the clouds out of the way and life goes on.
The election show has come to an end.
Hours of distraction, hours of nit-picking, hours of recriminations, hours of talk, hours of speculation hours of blather, and not one person in Rapa Nui gives a toss.
I do not wish harm on the likes of Trump or Farage, I do not wish pain on Le pen or Geert Wilders, I just wish them a speedy recovery from their malevolence.
May they hear the music of the spheres. May the pure white light of eternal love enter their bodies through their addled brains, may the law of harmony prevail, may men and women of good will everywhere meet in a spirit of co-operation, and may all their negativity be transmuted into Divine light and reflected back to it’s source.
I’m tired today, but like you, I will bounce back and find a way to defeat them.

3 thoughts on “President Fart”

  1. Hear hear!! I fully agree with you! What a world! What a disastrous outcome!
    Anyway, it’s all big talk. Let’s see what changes he will achieve over the coming year. He won’t be allowed to carry out any of his extreme policies. The only thing he may do, is bring the country to a speedy recession like never before. How sad that the USA has been reduced to a first lady like that! Ha!

  2. Dear Jeni
    Thanks for your beautiful words. I
    was thinking about 2016 and what a disaster it has been and then it occurred to me that on a more personal level things had turned around for the better. One of those things was your getting better. At this time in our lives it seems being thankful for small mercies is all we can cling to. Big kiss and hug to you

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