June 12th already

Friends and long lost acquaintances have been visiting me. i think they think my days are numbered. Well they are, in a manner of speaking.
This morning I woke at 6.00 and climbed into a salty, lavender bath. Lay there for 20 minutes then slipped into bed next to the ‘oosbind. I meditated and fell asleep until 9.00.
The strain, the drain, the pain, weasles its way into my consciousness. However, today I’m factoring in the washing, the ironing, and then a trip into town to attend a concert of one of the dawter’s friends who’s playing a gig at the local community centre.
I mopped the kitchen floor yesterday and lay in the sun to recover. The old git drove us, in my car – roof down – to buy organic carrots and partake of a raw chocolate drink with a delicious hazelnut shortbread biscuit, made with organic ingredients. The afternoon was taken up by my ex-cleaner who sat on the settee and introduced us to her delicious new man, she stroked my feet and told me of a healing centre that is a but a sunflower seed away. So tomorrow I will investigate yet another route out of this labyrinth.
Last Wednesday we went to the cinema to watch The RSC’s HAMLET. MY surrogate son is in it. Eating popcorn and watching him was a pleasure. My legs jiggled and my body hurt apart from Gertrude, I really enjoyed it.
On Thursday we visited the hospital, yet again, I am the most investigated woman in GB. Even the doctor said so. He asked me to describe my symptoms, said there were two more tests he could try then offered me yet more antibiotics and drugs with lots of ‘LLL’s’ in the name.
I left feeling despondent, relieved and angry. By the time they have diagnosed me I will be 7 stone and weaker than a rain soaked kitten. My cleaners new boyfriend thought I was Sri Lankan, too much lying round in the sun, so I’m changing my name to:
Tumuchisuntanintamraparni. Which loosely translated means I look like a copper beech tree that is withering in the sun. Thank heavens its raining today……

5 thoughts on “June 12th already”

  1. I suppose the silver lining is that you have finally lost the weight you always wanted to! But I guess not worth it for the price you are paying for it. I’m sure you’d have preferred to remain your cuddly self then experience all the pain. Poor girl! Can’t someone out there sort you out already??
    Thanks for updating your blog as I can’t tell you how worried we all are, constantly hoping for some good tidings.
    Glad that you are trying to maintain a regular routine, gardening, shopping etc.
    Perhaps post an image of your new look!
    Lots of love,

  2. Thinking of you Jenni and hope that you are much improved & feeling better.
    Love & hugs
    Tricia xx

  3. Come on Jeni! Share with us your wit on the current turmoil in British politics. Everything that could have gone tits up has happened!
    To sum it all up, as per my prediction, Theresa May will be Prime minister and to add the US into the equation, Hillary Clinton will be President of the US. Personally in both cases this is the only solution available. Maybe it’s high time for the ‘ladies’ to shine. I’m perfectly fine with it. I think their judgement and level headedness is way better than of the opposite sex. I also think women in politics are more trustworthy as too many men in the political arena end up with some sort of sex scandal. And this is a straight man talking!
    Anyway, how are you feeling Jeni? I hope things are improving.
    Keep well,
    Lol x

  4. Dearest Jeni
    I was catching up on your blog hoping to hear of your exciting escapades during the summer – and I am so sorry to read that you are not at all well. Delighted that it’s not diminishing your good humour but it makes me sad to think of you in such pain. Sending love and hoping your next blog is a tale of wonderful improvement. Sending love to you from us all here at BlindAid.
    Fond Wishes – Sue.

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