To you all, a big thank you for your love and support.
Last night I didn’t sleep at all, watched the National Television Awards, from the comfort of my bean bag and two hot water bottles. Given that the awards are voted on by ‘Sun’ and ‘Heat’ readers, it’s not surprising that the whooping and hollering, the ‘Impact Award’ for an Irishman’s torso and the acceptance speeches, were lame and embarrassing. Although I was happy to see Suranne Jones and Billy Connelly being honoured.
I finally fell into a fitful sleep at 4.30.
Ate before 8.40. A litre of water before 11.40. Into the car and Jim got us to the hospital on time.
Sat in the tiny waiting room with a woman in a wheelchair nursing seven broken bones in her leg from a car accident, a high octane woman with Cancer and a waxen faced man who slowly fainted on the chair next to Jim.
Had the canula put in my arm vein, then sat until a Nurse from the Phillipines moved me to another room.
My coat and dungarees left in a ball with Jim.
I was taken into the cat scan room. Lay down on the bed, thick socks and shoes still on, wearing a blue hospital robe, when the bed moved. An American voice told me to ‘Breathe, hold it in, now breathe out again.’ She spoke to me twice as the bed moved back and forth. Then the nutse put the dye in.
‘Are you allergic to aahodeen?’ he said.
I didn’t understand.
‘Are you allergic to shell-fish?’
Ah! Iodine.’ I said. ‘No I’m fine.’ I said.
The dye flowed into the canula and my body went hot – which is what he said would happen – The American voice told me to breathe in and out and, 5 minutes later the Phillipino nurse told me it was all done.
I climbed off the bed, the line out of my arm and a big gauze pad put over the tiny hole.
Jim brought me my clothes and we left. We had to stay within the hospital grounds for thirty minutes in case I had any reaction, and then off we drove.
The whole procedure had taken two hours, the nurses were wonderful and the old git just as perfect as could be. Thank you to the NHS.
After oat cakes, parmesan cheese, a mug of home made soup and some crackers with tomato I was exhausted. The psychological trauma I had put myself through was daft but now I know what to expect I will be more circumspect should I ever have to have another scan.
Into a hot bath, after which I slept for two hours. It’s now six o’clock and I’m in front of the fire.
Two weeks to wait for the results.
Positive thinking, walking, hot water bottles and home made soups is on the menu, hopefully by February 4th I will be up and running – well at least fast walking…..

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  1. I’m pretty sure I would not have interpreted that allergy to shellfish also meant allergy to iodine. In the circumstances of your anxiety I think you were still sharp as knives. Keep that wonderful focus for all the good things as well as the bad … Endless love. xxx Lyn

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