Its a cold bright day. My fingers are cold, only just put the heater on in the attic, haven’t been up here for ages. Spent most of my time in front of logs fires, which Jim has lovingly laid. Tuesday night my doctor called at 7.00 p.m. Anybody that says the NHS are lazy should … Read more


To you all, a big thank you for your love and support. Last night I didn’t sleep at all, watched the National Television Awards, from the comfort of my bean bag and two hot water bottles. Given that the awards are voted on by ‘Sun’ and ‘Heat’ readers, it’s not surprising that the whooping and … Read more

Me and my shadow.

Put on a big puffy jacket, had my pyjamas and thick socks over my suede clogs, and left the house in the frosty morning. The earth was hard, paw prints frozen in the mud. The grass white and crusty. Sounded like I was walking on cardboard boxes. A strip of pink announced the morning. My … Read more

JANUARY 10th 2016

8.45 on a Sunday morning. January 10th. There’s a light grey stillness outside, all the decorations have been swept up and the cats are waiting to be fed. Him and her are asleep upstairs. Later on we’re driving into Hackney to collect some things, then drive home again with a boot full of creativity. It … Read more