Annus horribilis.
February 22nd I broke my arm.
Lingering chest infection from American airlines and air con.
A collapsed back from July to October.
And just when i thought it was safe to go back into the water on October 5th I got Shingles.
I was told by my health team that it was a result of being run down, immune system low, that it was about low self esteem and a feeling of failure. All and some of it true.
November 14th and Paris is reeling from the aftermath of ignorance. Dead people, the victims of Governments selling each other arms and not taking into account that when ignorant people get frightened they hate. They hate everything from Vietnamese waiters to a teenage music fans.
All my aches, and plans – and let me tell you that Shingles is the single most painful thing I have ever experienced – pall into insignificance when a moments imagination rests with the parents, relatives, and friends of the victims of unbelievable cruelty.
And will the suicide bombers go to Heaven? Will their acts of desperation taken them to a better place?
We are all asking what is to be done. We all have had enough of living under the black clouds of terrorism. As long as there is an arms race, as long as the powers that be trade one gun for another, as long as we invest in war – not peace – then we will continue to witness the vicious circle of injustice.
I am sending the only thing I can send, love and light. To Paris, to The Refugees, to the poor, homeless and to all the victims of greedy governments that simply do not listen.
God help us all.

5 thoughts on “Pain”

  1. Oh dear! Someone is poorly! Wishing you all the best. Thinking of you! I’m sure you’ll bounce back. What you really need is a regular radio show again. I’m sure you can knock sense into a world that’s gone mad. Maybe you’d make a good Prime Minister!
    Lots of love a kisses to heal u!!

  2. Well said jenny . you always say what the rest of us want to say but just can not put into words thank you . hope your shingles goes never to return good d bless

  3. Interesting that you mention arms dealers.. few ever seem to allude to what must surely can only be regarded as an appalling trade, vigorously supported by governments and businessmen everywhere….
    Well spoken!

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