One outrage a day…..

Dear Poppy, says our twillage has four banks. Sorry…..
So today I drove to Brighton to have my hair primped and coloured before my trip to South Carolina. But not before I went to the hospital to see the physiO. One letter change and it would ready physiC…. Which I sort of was . I knew she would sign me off, although I have to introduce a can of beans to my work out and I have to expect to be in pain for up to a year. if I’m not careful I will have a bent arm which puts me out of Wimbledon this year……
I had breakfast in the garden. One cup of coffee, two fried eggs on rye and and a bathe in the sunshine.
Took Nellie’s roof down and set off, B’s music blaring and the straps down on my top so that I could get an even tan. Parked a five minute walk from my hairdressers. Got there on time.
Jason from Inverness did the colour and trimmed my fringe. I told him that Inverness was reputed to speak the perfect English, he slowed his accent down to prove me wrong. Then he told me how he was bullied at school for being gay, that his father had left him and that his wonderful mother had brought him up equally with his two sisters.
Jason has a waxed moustache and the manners of a 50’s head mistress. He is adorable, as are all the kids in RUSH. It is lovely watching them grow up. Shona started as a very shy junior, mum had her when she was 18, now she has a builder boyfriend that she knew from school, various piercings and the best pair of head massaging hands in the business.
Jason moved to Brighton to get away from homophobia, and today I read that our new minister for equality – CAROLINE DINENAGE – is opposed to gay marriage.
This Government has also appointed JUSTIN TOMLINSON as Minister for the disabled when he is adamantly and totally against disability benefits and human rights.
Some new laws to stop us disagreeing and new laws to irritate what Unions we have left….
It’s the kind of thing that Hitler did in Germany, whittled away at peoples rights subtly and effectively until nothing was left and the life blood was sucked out of independent thought.
So Ladies and Gentlemen I give you life under Mr. Cameroon. One daily outrage, that’ll do it chums.
Lets start with the poofs, move to the lepers, next thing we know it could be YOU…..

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  1. Hi Jeni, I have been waiting to read your American journey blog. Have you written any. New blogs? I can’t seem to find any. Best wishes. Jackie

  2. Hi Jeni, I hope you are well as I haven’t seen any blogs for a while. I saw the first couple that you posted from America , then nothing. I hope all is well. Best wishes. Jackie.

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