Cow shy

The rain, as predicted came down big. I donned socks and thick trainers, a hoodie and leggings, yoga top and sweatshirt, over which I put a lightweight mac. Zipped up and went clockwise out of the drive.
‘Go with the flow.’ said Cherry Jarrett ‘Go with the flow.’
So I went with the flow. The rain dripping off the leaves, puddles and collar doves. Shrilly singing blackbirds, and lots of rabbits hopping and disappearing into their burrows.
I walked steadily, heard foot steps behind me and it was the next door neighbour..
‘Hello stranger.’ He said.
‘Run – don’t wreck your rhythm.’ I said. And he jogged on.
He disappeared as I walked past the newly dug ditch, past the wood yard that smelt of sweet newly sawn Beech. Up the hill and the rained stopped.
Going clockwise meant down hill was where it was up and up is where it was down. Clockwise is a harder walk.
There are three distinct phases. Through ‘France’ with long low houses and fields, down the avenue, through the rocks, up past the farms. down to frogspawn bend, up to the wood yard where it gets dark. The road winds up hill, it’s shaded by tall, old trees, and the road narrows. One wind turbine to the left a bluebell patch to the right. Then a bright uphill stretch to the pub.
This morning I was reminded of my mother.

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Mouse ears, what mouse ears?

If you lie on your side you will see that these are NOT mouse ears, although I thought they were. Their common name is ‘thunder flower’ on account of the historical belief that if you picked them you would promote thunder and lightning! I have spent three hours, cleaned the fridge and wept trying to … Read more

Thank you Mr. Lao Tse.

If the coffee is too bitter it makes for an uncomfortable chill out. If the room isn’t hot enough it makes for a less than thrilling yoga session. If I don’t write it makes for a debilitating day. If nobody wants me it makes for a challenging week. If the sun stays behind the clouds … Read more

Black birds screaming in the dead of night.

So butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, the delicious KING SOLOMON, he with the shiny black coat and white bootees. Then before you could scream SOLLEEEEE NOOOOO he had floored one tiny baby blackbird. I screamed and poked him with a garden cane. Jim came running out of the studio grabbed the chick and cradled … Read more

catch up

The grey clouds were thin. The only beings out were me and the bids, who were chattering, whistling, squawking and clucking. The view was green, dark greens, emerald greens, light green and that silvery green that shines on the back of leaves. The smells were early morning. Peppery, sharp and almost Mediterranean. I met but … Read more

In Somnia

Okay so its 04.51a.m. on Saturday May 3rd. I can’t sleep. The old git can’t sleep. Both cats can’t sleep. The birds are singing and my left side is cold. The right side seems to be still warm from all that tossing and turning. So I watched two television programmes one about Sir Clive of … Read more