In Somnia

Okay so its 04.51a.m. on Saturday May 3rd.
I can’t sleep. The old git can’t sleep. Both cats can’t sleep. The birds are singing and my
left side is cold. The right side seems to be still warm from all that tossing and turning.
So I watched two television programmes one about Sir Clive of India and the black hole of Calcutta an one about American gypsy weddings. The first was all about our Empire. How we treated the poor as we amassed millions. Not unlike today me thought.
The second prog about dresses and swivelling hips, about a contemptuous attitude to anything that did’t accept their profligate behaviour, had me cringing in the armchair.
I sat and wondered about our behaviour as human beings. How we seem to delight in hurting each other and how we so conveniently turn a blind eye to greed when it suits us.
I had a cup of camomile tea and a handful of nuts and still I couldn’t sleep.
I had a day in London. After the yoga the ‘oosbind drove me to the station. I sat next to two young dancers on the 12.13 train.
Which, incidentally left from platform 2. Half the passengers just made the change. The dawter, who stayed with us last week, sat on the bench on platform 1 and watched her train disappear into the murky tunnel.
‘I don’t want to be a showgirl.’ said one of the dancers. And I thought, here we go, the human condition raises it’s head on the Charing Cross line. Even the young are discontent.
Got to Grouchos and had a bowl of mini sausages – a few chips, two glasses of latte and a handful of raw broccoli. I had two meetings then came home on the 4.28. What a funny time to schedule a train I thought.
Met a woman who produced strange films, hugged a geezer i hadn’t seen for years then spent the evening watching telly.
Corrie. Have I Got News for You. Graham Norton and Jules holland. Which I had to turn off as they all seemed to be singing out of tune.
Should I do the accounts now?
I waited for an answer and since the only response was that of the dawn chorus I’ve decided to try and get some shut eye.
My writing course has ended, I shall miss it and the people hugely. I am, however, going to continue writing. Keep practicing said the tutor. So I shall.
12.45 and it’s yoga. Then a quick shop for bitter gourds….don’t ask….then planting up the garlic and lettuce, a mow of the lawn, and then I suspect I shall need a sleep.
I’m heading up stairs, even thought it’s light and God’s Gift is staying up.
What a funny life I lead.