Spinning jeni

Two weeks have gone so quickly.
BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey is a joy to work on.
Yesterday, though I got up at 6.15, and the room started spinning. Sat down. It kept on spinning. Went to the bathroom, followed by King Solomon who is my chosen date when God’s Gift is way. Brushed my teeth and kazaam. I was sick. Stood up, Solly staring at me. By the time I got back into the bathroom I knew I wasn’t going to make the show.
I called in, took to my bed and spun my way through Friday. It was horrible.
I blamed everything I could, little sleep, too much coffee, unsuccessful writing debut, but in the end I was told it was a 24 hour bug.
Today the alarm went off at 6.15 I leapt out of bed, the spinning hardly there, went to the bathroom and after computing in my head what day it was, remembered it was Saturday.
Crawled back into bed where I stayed till 10.00
After three phone calls and a quick bite I am now ready to go upstairs and do some writing. I wanted to mow the lawn but I think I may be pushing the boat out.
I have one week left in Brighton.
Then the old man and I will have a life together for the first time since last September,
No more eating in front of each other on Skype. No more endless FaceTime conversations. No more being alone at night. No more grubby digs for him. No more endless travelling. No more home-alone-cats.
But there will be arguments as we booth adjust to each other being there. It’s got to better than being apart. I calculated that I have about 20 years max left with him. he said, 8! That did it. When he gets home I’m going to try and book a holiday, work commitments allowing.
I’m tempted to get that mower out of the shed though……

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  1. Hi Jeni
    Watched Jeni and Ollie this morning. O.M.G. the food, the wine, the scenery, the presenters! So enjoyed, well done you.
    Much love

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