You know how you put it off – we call it washing the label off the whiskey bottle. When you need to deadline some writing, shopping, cooking, hoovering, washing, dusting, reading, whateva!
When you have deadlines and you don’t want to do it procrastination sets in. The old git stands at the sink and washes labels off bottles, normally a whiskey flaggon since he likes his single malts.
Anyway I should be writing two scenes of dialogue and the prospect is so frightening I’m putting it off. I will, I will I will do it after this.
Eyes tightly closed fingers crossed.
The show was interesting. 20 mph speed limits. Two Mr. Angry’s and a woman who wanted to blame all men for all the speeding problems. It is true that according to the stats of 7 years ago 97% of all speeding offenses were committed by the less fair sex.
Then we talked pollution, the reddish dust you see on your brand new Mercedes is sand from the Sahara. Who needs THOMAS COOK for a flavour of the exotic?
As it’s National Autism day we talked about how to cope with Autism in your family. Sam Hilton told me about her two sons, both diagnosed with the condition. With three children to look after and the stress of coping with the Autism her marriage, inevitably, broke down. Alone and desperate, not knowing what to do or how to do it she finally bit the bullet and opened a school with 6 other parents of Autistic kids. STE BY STEP is the result of their hard labour.
Bung ’em some cash if you can.
Your calls about living with Autism were very, very touching.
Then we played some music and I interviewd a vibrant young woman LAURA WILKINSON who has written a novel PUBLIC MATTERS PRIVATE LIVES set in the miners strike. The women found themselves ‘finding’ themselves’, helped their damaged men, and for some changed their lives for good.
Then I interviewed Alan Davis, he of the hair, Creek and QI. What a lovely feller. I hungup on him though when he said I would PROBABLY get free tickets for his show in TWells. If he had said IT WOULD BE A PLEASURE TO DEFINITELY GIVE YOU TWO FREE TICKETS I would still be talking to him…..
The only problem with BBC SUSSEX – and it’s not their fault – is that there are no spare car-park fobs which means I have to be escorted to get my car out and met with a fob to get me in..
BLOOMIN RIDICULOUS. Wayne had to leave the BBC shop, where he’s been for twelve years, and walk me to the garage. He pressed his fob up against the wall and left me in the porch.
There is already red paint on the white wall and white paint on Nellies left thigh. The space is just too small to turn a car in. Well it wouldn’ be for Lewis Hamilton but it bloodiwell is for me.
And this is the official BBC car park.
Car Park backwards is Krap Rac.
I rest my case.

2 thoughts on “Maneuvering”

  1. QUITE right. Nothing worse than trying to squeeze your wagon into a tight Krap Rac. Don’t forget your can opener tomorrow. And i’m loving this new feisty gear change..
    Love Light

  2. Procrastination: I am so familiar with this, hence the reading and commenting on your blog …
    Lyn xx

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