nearly May

The last petals from the Magnolia tree have fallen. They brown at the edges, curling up the last of their pinkness. The primroses have outgrown their flowers and the little blue forget-me-nots are now taking over. I have got bulbs and onions, petunia and garlic to plan’ but can’t get out there for the love … Read more

Spinning jeni

Two weeks have gone so quickly. BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey is a joy to work on. Yesterday, though I got up at 6.15, and the room started spinning. Sat down. It kept on spinning. Went to the bathroom, followed by King Solomon who is my chosen date when God’s Gift is way. Brushed my … Read more


You know how you put it off – we call it washing the label off the whiskey bottle. When you need to deadline some writing, shopping, cooking, hoovering, washing, dusting, reading, whateva! When you have deadlines and you don’t want to do it procrastination sets in. The old git stands at the sink and washes … Read more