birthday beginnings

Jeni and Olly’s west Coast Wine adventure is on the Travel Channel. I can’t tell you the number because we’re all different. BUT
They are repeating it andrepeating it, so you will, with determination and patience find it.
I am sitting in my kitchen with red and black leggings on, thats me not the kitchen….a red and black top. Tiny little black pumps and a fetching black v necked sweater.
I have eyeliner, mascara and lipstick on, and I’m waiting.
Waiting for Lyn and Tony, Jeff and Jill, Sarah, Annie, Sasha, and my brother. With B and Lindy, Jim and myself twelve of us will eat in the local curry house.
I’ve bought a dozen ridiculous cupcakes with lollypops and twinkles and the table is booked for 8.00
We’ve been told the round table is only for 8, so a long table will have to do. At a push they could seat ten at the circular table, but I told them, there will be twelve. Well, they said, they’ll hold the table until we confirm.
So at noon Jimbo confirmed twelve.
I’ve yoga’d and written and showered and eaten the Turkish Delight that B gave me. and now, with the brother having arrived ten minutes ago, I’m getting ready for the Saturday birthday bash.
Hurrah for 65

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  1. Thanx for the info Jeni and mazel tov again darling from the depth of my heart. Wishing u all the best in the coming year and for many years to come! Hope you’re having a great evening out in your black ‘n’ red attire!!
    All my luv

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