Sad Solly

The senior cat is outside somewhere.
The infant cat is on the black blanket on top of the sofa.
He had his wee nuts nuked last Thursday.
Went like a mad thing all Friday.
Then he stopped. Just stopped. Lay down and stopped eating. Stopped drinking. Stopped playing. He looked grey and sad.
Early Saturday took him back to the vet with a very high temperature, thats King Solomon not the vet. Solly was given an injection to get his temperature down and an antibiotic jab.
He came home and stopped again. Nothing. Not even a pathetic mieow.
On Monday we were at our wits end. I was sitting in for La Feltz at BBC LONDON ( am there till Friday) so the ‘oosbind had to take the little invalid to the vet in his car. That’s Jim’s not Sollys, he is so weak he can’t even be bothered to fight. And I’m afraid this story may not end happily. He has been intravenously fed water, he has had his neck shaved. He looks wretched. He has had blood tests. So far he has cost more than a round the world trip on Cathay Pacific. He is an expensive little moggy.
Blood tests have shown one of three things. Maybe leukaemia, maybe viral – exacerbated by the op. That he has been carrying something that was triggered by the nuke removal – it maybe something else. Jim and I couldn’t hear straight. So now I have to collect some more antibiotics – and this is in a family that doesn’t do drugs – and then tomorrow if he is any brighter we won’t need to have three more blood tests. But he has a very very very low white blood cell count. So then what do we do with this delicious little kitty? Do we let him grow weaker and weaker, or do we do something else?
King Solomon, has brought so much fun but it looks like he came into this world with a weakness which I don’t think TLC can mend.
I hope I’m wrong.

6 thoughts on “Sad Solly”

  1. Wishing your little kitten well. Poorly pets really tug at your heart strings.King Solly is in good hands with you.He is a blessed pet.

  2. Great to hear you again this week but cross with London for picking you up at the drop of a hat! Ridiculous! How dare they.Why can you not get a regular slot? Make sure they are not using you. However,I suppose that they help pay the bills. We all need someone to help pay those bills. RADIO LONDON … please give Jeni a regular slot. Let’s get her back.

  3. It’s been a joy to hear you all week. You are a real natural Jeni and I do hope you get your own daily show in the near future. Although you haven’t been regular for some time now, you come across smooth and seamless. All you need is a daily morning show followed by hot yoga and you’ll live until 120!
    You made my mouth water hearing about your bobbah’s chicken soup deed back in the day!
    Sounds like it’ll be and interesting show tomorrow too so we’ll be glued.
    Lots of luv xxx

  4. Listening to you on radio London as i type, its fab to hear you, cannot understand why is not a regular occurrence. What are they playing at!
    Hope solly is better btw x

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