On the table.
Off the table.
In the Yukka.
Off the Yukka.
Up my leg.
Down my leg.
In the daffodill jug.
Over with the daoffodills.
On the chair.
Off the chair.
I’m trying to write.
Solly is being kitten, if he carries on being a pest he will not grow into a cat.

3 thoughts on “Solly”

  1. [NB: change of email address]. My cat is 7 going on 8 and still pain in the neck when sitting in front of the iMac. Steps on keyboard right in front of the screen and nearly always rear end to my face !
    BTW – it’s Peewee’s ‘opinion’ and though we don’t have First Amendment rights in this country, she can say what she likes even if it is not agreed with by others. And others are not necessarily ‘yes people’; why so cynical Peewee?
    BTW #2 – I too attended a speed awareness course & I went prepared to be patronised and bored. In fact the speaker, an ex-motorbike cop, was far from the case and I think more than 75% of us went away being much more aware of speed issues.

  2. Thank you LM. You are so correct … everyone is entitled to an opinion. We do not have to follow the leader.
    However, I never see myself as cynical. I see myself as a realist.

  3. An afterthought this wet afternoon.
    Let’s see how ” the dream ” matures. It could be a very valuable learning curve for us all. I wish you well Jeni.

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