Candle fright

So living alone, as I do at the moment, I decided on little rituals to keep the wolf in the garden.
Jimbo does not get back from Bath until the 23rd, and I’m busy popping up here and there with festive jobs. So I decided that Chanukah candles would lighten the evenings.
Take a Menora, which stands on the dresser all year round, find the candles in the drawer that my gay son-in-law brought me back from Bali, find the prayer on the internet and off we go.
So I put the candle that lights the other candles in the centre of the Menora. Poked in three candles, this happened on the 30th, said the prayer, then lit them. When I turned round, a matter of seconds, the candles had fallen out of their holders and had set light to the table. All my Christmas receipts went up in smoke, and before I could say I AM NOT A TREASONOUS THINKER a five pound note caught alight. I managed to blow it out before it took half our Monarchs face off.
My mobile phone is downstairs otherwise I would take a photo for you. But imagine my lovely old pine table in the kitchen now has two ENORMOUS black burn marks, I’m a fiver down and the Menora has been relegated to the kitchen window sill.
Today was much more civilised. B and I went to the gym, and I swum, sauna’d, jacuzzied and steamed for over and hour. Then to Tesco’s – YUK – just to get some cheap cotton pads to remove makeup, and it was back home to put the Christmas tree up.
It took four hours but now the Swedish red candlestick is in the window. The tree is covered in ancient dangly bits, there are lights round the fireplace, and the stove alcove, the kitchen is clean and the mung bean soup is ready to eat. I lit the Jewish candles earlier I now have an Advent candle burning on the table….
Bugger, I’d forgotten I’d better go…..

3 thoughts on “Candle fright”

  1. I’m very touched by your lighting of the menorah although next time my girl, melt the base of the candles to secure them in place! Just sit next to it tonight when all are lit and gaze into the light and go down memory lane to back in the day.
    Don’t be too lonely dear!

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